"Walking Dead" fans were shocked during the season three premiere when the group's resident (animal) doctor had his leg become zombie kibble. A deadly bite to the leg would have resulted in an axe or bullet to the head in the past, but the AMC series mixed up the formula by pulling a bloody and disgusting stunt...a quick amputation of the leg.

During episode two, which aired this past Sunday, viewers anxiously waited to see if Hershel would pull through from the amputation. Bleeding out from the multiple axe swings to the leg, Hershel ended up pulling through despite a couple close calls (and Lori's mouth-to-mouth).

Although alive for now, how will Hershel's new disability affect his chance of survival...and the groups?

Scott Wilson, the actor who plays Hershel, spoke with BloodyDisgusting.com about his character's brutal run-in with a walker, and it turns out that the leg amputation is not an immediate death sentence.

According to Wilson, showrunner Glen Mazzara's plan was to introduce someone with a disability, although the actor initially though "Oh, there I go!"

Currently two episodes in, Hershel so far seems like a liability. In episode 2, "Sick," the now one legged father of Maggie and Beth was unconscious and initially without medical supplies. Rick actually had the man handcuffed, fearing that if he died he would become a walker and harm one of the group members. When Hershel stopped breathing during a scene in Sunday's episode, fans worried that Lori might end up with a grizzly bite to the face while performing CPR.

For Wilson, becoming a walker isn't what fans should be concerned about for Hershel. Instead he fears that his character won't be ready for combat or contribute to the group...something that's important, especially with Lori ready to give birth any day now.

"His age and his life experience helps a bit," explained Wilson to BloodyDisgusting.com. "But I'm hoping right now that sometimes he'll have a prosthetic."

Will Hershel be strong enough to deliver Lori's baby? And will he survive the season after being the first human not to turn into a walker after getting bit? Fans will have to wait to find out!

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.