"Eat, drink and be merry. Because tomorrow we die." - The Governor

Michonne may have left Woodbury last week...but Woodbury isn't ready to let her go. This week, episode six, "Hounded," picked up with a hunt. Read on to find out what happened in the brand new episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead."

Hunting Michonne

Michonne has shown viewers from the start that she is creative, and she continued her creativity this week with a "Biter-gram." Realizing that she is being chased by Merle and others from Woodbury, she attempts to warn them off by using a dismembered walker to spell out "Go Back." Merle, who was never one to take orders, disregards her warning though...and the result is not good. Michonne jumps out of the woods, managing to slay two of Merle's men, and leaving him with only one other group member, Garguilo, to follow her.

Neil and Merle regroup and continue after Michonne, but once again she is able to attack them before they attack her. Unfortunately a couple walkers decide to get in on the action though. Taking her sword to the stomach of one, Michonne ends up covered in its blood and quickly realizes that the blood disguises her against other walkers. Although Merle and Garguilo make it out of the attack alive, their confrontation with Michonne is over as she once again disappears into the woods.

Merle decides to end their hunt and tell the Governor that Michonne is dead, but Garguilo disagrees. Wanting to push on and not lie to the Governor, Merle ends up killing his fellow Woodbury resident.

The Mysterious Phone Call

Last week viewers were shocked when a phone inside the prison rang. This week we sort of found out who was on the other end.

"Hello? Is someone there?" Rick asks.

"We've been calling since it all started," a woman replies.

Rick asks the woman where she is, but all she will tell him that it's "someplace safe."

"I cant tell you where we are," she continues. "I'm sorry...it's just away from them."

Rick begs wit the mysterious woman, telling her that he has a son and a newborn. "We could pull our weight," he pleads. "We can help you."

Unfortunately that isn't enough to let the woman reveal her "safe" location. She tells Rick that she has to talk to the others first and will call back in two hours.

Rick returns to the group briefly before heading back to the phone to wait for the second call. When the phone finally rings the woman on the other end is gone, and has been replaced by a man. Telling Rick that they've had no attacks, no bites and no deaths, the new mysterious caller then begins asking Rick questions.

Rick tells him that he was forced to kill four men, but refuses to answer how his wife died. "I don't want to talk about that," he tells the caller. But unfortunately that's not the right answer, and the man hangs up...sending Rick into an angry frenzy.

As Rick sits and waits by the phone for another call, he gets a visit from Hershel, who realizes that Rick is mourning. Talking to Rick about how he can still feel his missing leg, fans finally witness an apology from Rick for taking an axe to Hershel's leg. But an apology is not what Hershel is looking for though, and he tells Rick that he saved his life. Hershel however does tell Rick that Lori was sorry.

Left alone again, Rick finally gets another phone call...this time from a different woman.

"You should talk about it Rick," the woman says of Lori's death. But that's when Rick starts to get suspicious of the calls. "How do you know my name?" he asks. But the caller hangs up.

Rick gets one last phone call though. This time from a familiar voice...Lori.

"How do you know my name?" Rick immediately yells into the phone.

"Because we know you, and you know them Rick," she says. "The people you were talking to today that was Amy, Jim and Jacqui."

Rick finally realizes that he's talking to Lori.

"What happened Rick, baby what happened?" she pleads into the phone.

"I loved you. I loved you. I couldn't get it back together," he sobs into the phone. "I was going to keep you alive. I loved you. I love you. I should have said it."

Although a bad connection, Lori uses the limited time she has to tell Rick that he has "our baby" and Carl, and that she loves him.

And it appears that despite the bad connection, Lori was able to get through to Rick.

Hanging up the phone he walks back to be with his family.

Merle Meets Glenn

While Rick waits by the phone, the others are busy making the Prison their new home. Maggie and Glenn take a ride out to town to search for more supplies but get more than they bargained for. As Michonne watches from afar as the duo gather baby food, Maggie and Glenn have an unfortunate run in with Merle.

Shocked to see Glenn, Merle asks if his brother is alive. When Glenn says yes, Merle promises to "call it even on everything that happened up there in Atlanta" if he'll just take him to Daryl.

Refusing to take Merle to the prison, Glenn tells him that he'll tell Daryl to meet him at that exact spot. Merle must not have liked Glenn's request though, because he pulls a gun on Maggie and forces Glenn to drive them all to Woodbury.

Carol's Fate

Daryl takes one of the prisoners and Carl to sweep through another part of the prison. It's while on their sweep that "Walking Dead" viewers see another sensitive side of Daryl. He tells Carl the story about how his mother died in bed in a house fire, and Carl finally says out loud that he shot his mother.

While a definite downer conversation, their walk through the prison only gets worse when Daryl finds a knife that belonged to Carol stuck in a walker. Sending the others back to the group, Daryl sits and mourns Carol, but is distracted by a blocked door that keeps getting weakly pushed open. It's there that fans of the series finally get some good news...Carol is alive. In a total "aww" moment, Daryl picks up Carol, cradling the woman he thought he lost.

Back At Woodbury

Meanwhile at Woodbury, Andrea is continuing her quest to become a "Woodburian." Teaming up with another girl that guards the Woodbury wall from walkers, Andrea bonds as she learns how to protect the town. Her bonding session with the woman ends quickly though when the girl fails to hit a walker with her bow and arrow...and Andrea jumps the wall to kill the walker with a knife.

The little stunt she pulls by jumping the fence leads her to the Governor, who revokes her wall guard privileges. Andrea and the Governor do much more than talk though. Sitting and having some scotch while talking about the gladiator fights from last week, things quickly get physical between the two (leading fans to believe that Andrea has a thing for bad boys...very bad boys).

Michonne Finds The Prison

While Merle has Glenn and Maggie, the rest of the group is unaware that the two have been kidnapped. Rick, holding his baby for the first time, walks outside with the others, but something catches his eye. Although walkers waiting around the Prison fence is nothing new, something stands out among them...Michonne. Covered in walker blood, Michonne stands among them, holding onto the baby supplies that Glenn and Maggie had been gathering.

What did you think of episode six, "Hounded?"