With technology evolving by the day, the healthcare industry is also changing with developments and innovations. One company looking to revolutionize how people visit their doctors is Bright.md – a startup looking to implement virtual Physician’s Assistants to reduce your time at the doctors to 90 seconds.

The idea is receiving traction. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Bright.md has released a statement.

“In addition to the funds we closed, we had more than $1 million of additional investor commitments, and were able to be very selective in our capital strategy," the statement read. "We’ve attracted a stellar group of early-stage investors to help us take a more aggressive approach. Their support helps us capitalize on the accelerated market momentum we’re seeing, including expansion of our initial implementations and the addition of multiple, exciting new clients.”

The idea behind this healthcare solution is to make the process of providing care efficient. The service would essentially ask patients questions so that the physician is equipped with all the information they need to make a diagnosis and a treatment plan. In the end, the patient will always speak to a physician – the service simply makes the process more efficient.

“Patients want to get care from their doctor, not from a computer,” said Costantini in an interview with Wired.

Bright.md offers patient a whole slew of perks – efficiency in the doctor’s office, not having to spend time in hospitals, and potentially quicker diagnoses. That said, it also has its advantages for medical professionals. The software allows for a “smart exam,” automatically generates chart notes, organizes insurance coding, and helps manage paperwork.