Watch the "Veronica Mars" movie online the same day it hits theaters. Dedicated marshmallows that want to soak in the Neptune High reunion from the comfort of their homes can rent or purchase the "Veronica Mars" movie from iTunes, Amazon, or on-demand. The "Veronica Mars" digital download will be available on March 14. Creator Rob Thomas highlighted the details on the digital version of the movie on the Veronica Mars Kickstarter last month:

"1. On March 14, 'Veronica Mars', will be available, both to rent and purchase from DIGITAL RETAILERS (such as iTunes and Amazon) and on-demand through participating CABLE and SATELLITE providers, worldwide.

2. This also means that, on March 14, ALL backers whose rewards include digital copies of 'Veronica Mars' will receive instructions for streaming and downloading the movie. That means that if you pledged at the $35 level or higher, you will be able to see the movie opening weekend.

For a movie to be released in selected theaters in multiple countries and available to rent and purchased and watch on-demand worldwide all on the same day? It's pretty much unheard of. And since everything about this movie is unprecedented, I'm pleased that our distribution plans are too."

While the official "Veronica Mars" movie release date is set for Pi Day, the world premiere took place at SXSW March 8. If you weren't one of the lucky festival goers to catch an early screening of the film, you can still get a taste of the movie ahead of March 14. Watch an exclusive "Veronica Mars" clip on Fandango now. The 8-minute preview features a quick VMars recap followed by the former sharp-tongued private eye interviewing at a law firm in New York City. The clip caps off with Logan, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, calling Veronica for help. Commence her sleuthing ways.

You can buy "Veronica Mars" movie tickets online now for the midnight premiere. With one Fandango ticket purchase, you can also get the first three episodes of the series on iTunes. In preparation for the big day, read "8 Things to Know About the 'Veronica Mars' Movie." Many surprises ahead, marshmallows.