"Vampire Diaries" fans could be saying goodbye to one of the major love triangles on the CW series. After seasons of pining over Caroline and torturing her boyfriend Tyler, it appears that Klaus may be ready to move on...with a human!

On April 25, "Vampire Diaries" viewers will be treated to a very special episode. Titled the "Originals," the episode has potential to be a backdoor spinoff for the hit series. Set in modern day New Orleans, the episode is said to be about the inner workings of the city...a city that Klaus and his family members helped build centuries ago.

Klaus will leave Mystic Falls for New Orleans when he discovers that a mysterious figure is plotting against him. Meeting up with his former protégé Marcel while in town, Klaus will go head-to-head with the "mysterious person." But just because this appears to be a business trip doesn't mean that there isn't any time for romance.

Although fans were already aware that werewolf Hayley would be following Klaus to New Orleans, no one suspected that anything romantic would happen between the two...until a couple weeks ago when episode 16, "Bring It On," aired.

In the episode, Klaus surprised viewers by throwing his feelings for Caroline to the wind and engaging in a hot supernatural hook up with Hayley. But just because the pair hooked up once and are traveling to New Orleans together doesn't mean that Klaus is interested in anything more. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Klaus will meet a psychology student/ bartender named Cami...and new romance may be in the air.

"She refuses to believe in evil," executive producer Julie Plec said of Cami. "She believes that every person has a story, and you just have to dig deep enough to try to get to the bottom of what their story is."

Don't expect sparks to be immediately flying though. The pair won't have much interaction in the April 25 episode but Klaus does "relate" with her over a "dark painting" that they are both drawn to.

While we don't know too much more, we can only speculate that innocent human Cami may find herself in danger somewhere down the road.

As for those rooting for a Klaroline romance? Don't start hating Cami just yet. Plec dished to EW that Klaus is "still very attached to Caroline Forbes and the idea of what it could be like if they were ever to be together. It'll be a little bit of time before, if ever, he's able to be distracted from that."

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