Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Things are not looking good for Damon and Elena on "The Vampire Diaries!" Although episode 15, "Stand By Me," is still a couple weeks away, fans should fear what lies ahead on the hit CW series.

Let's set up episode 14 before we dive into episode 15:

With Jeremy's hunter mark now complete due to Kol's staking, the gang (Stefan, Damon, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie and Rebekah) has headed off with Prof. Shane to an island off of Nova Scotia. Searching for Silas and the cure on the island, Damon has the misfortune of running into another hunter, Vaughn.

Meanwhile, Stefan opens up to Elena about the "possibility of becoming human again," and Jeremy must help Bonnie recognize what's real...and what's an illusion.

Episode 15 will find the group returning to Mystic Falls...but leaving a couple people behind. According to the synopsis, which was leaked on Wetpaint.com, Stefan arrives back in town with Elena and Jeremy...which means that Damon's run in with Vaughn was more serious than we thought.

Elena's friends will reportedly be worried about her "state of mind," leading Stefan to reach out to Dr. Fell and Matt to help her. But is Elena torn up about leaving Damon behind? Or did they discover that the cure for vampirism does not exist?

Fortunately hope remains for Damon. According to the synopsis he is still on the island with Rebekah, and the two are learning "an unexpected bit of recent history from Vaughn."

The gang back in Mystic Falls is also learning a bit of info...and it's definitely not good. Prof. Shane reportedly has a horrifying plan up his sleeve. But "Vampire Diaries" fans should know by now that Elena is a force to be reckoned with. Somehow receiving help from Damon, Elena comes up with her own plan to battle Shane's.

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