Mark your calendars "Vampire Diaries" fans. The CW hit series will be airing episode 14 on Valentine's Day, and this is definitely an episode you won't want to miss.

Episode 14, "Down In The Rabbit Hole," will air on Feb. 14, but the episode will be far from romantic. In fact ... it will be downright dangerous for a couple characters! Although viewers will be holding their breath as some fan favorites end up in some deadly situations, the episode will be delivering in the eye candy department. Charlie Bewley of "The Twilight Saga" is set to guest star as one of Jeremy's long lost hunter brothers!

As we previously reported, episode 13 will find the Mystic Falls gang heading to an island off Nova Scotia with Prof. Shane. Well it appears that the group will still be on this mysterious island searching for Silas in episode 14!

In "Down The Rabbit Hole," Damon will have an "ugly run-in" with a man named Vaughn (Bewley). The reason for the "ugliness"? Vaughn, like Jeremy, is a member of the Five!

While Damon looks danger in the face, Stefan will be surprising "Vampire Diaries" fans by opening up to Elena about the cure and "the possibility of becoming human again." So, does this mean Stefan wants the cure for himself? Or does he want to become a human WITH Elena? Hmm ... we'll have to wait and see!

New information will be revealed about the cure, and as suspected, it will change the stakes for everyone involved. But it appears that the hunt for Silas and the cure is taking the biggest beating on Bonnie. Jeremy will try to help his friend, who according to, will be having a difficult time recognizing what's real ... and what's an illusion.

"I can tell you that Bonnie is going to take a different turn and is going to make some choices that are going to affect the rest of the characters. It's really, really huge," actress Kat Graham told E! Online.

As for Prof. Shane, he'll need comforting for some mysterious reason ... and will find comfort through a woman from his past, Caitlin. Whether this woman is a ghost or living has yet to revealed.

Back in Mystic Falls it appears that both Caroline and Tyler survived the encounter with Klaus, however the pair are now on their own trying to translate the code on the Hunter's sword. It'll be a race against each other as Klaus has "his own reasons for solving the puzzle."

You can catch episode 14, "Down The Rabbit Hole," when it airs on the CW on Thursday, Feb. 14 at 8 p.m.

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