It appears that things will be getting a tad bit crazier for "The Vampire Diaries" when episode 13 airs on Feb. 7. Although fans are over a week away from taking a bite out of the episode, we got our hands on some juicy spoilers that are a definite must-read.

Episode 13, "Into The Wild," will find the Mystic Falls crew ... heading into the wild! Sneaky Prof. Shane is still lurking around, and it appears that he has convinced the group to go on an expedition to a "desolate island off the coast of Nova Scotia." So, why is the gang packing up their bags to follow him? The island supposedly holds the secret of the mysterious cure!

The trek to the island seems to be anything but a vacation though. According to the synopsis posted on, Rebekah and Elena will find themselves continuing their "bitter rivalry" as they go deeper into the island. Stefan (who in our opinion started this whole Elenakah drama) will be doing his best to keep the peace between his ex-girlfriend and his new hook up buddy, while Damon will have his hands full with Prof. Shane ... who he believes is leading them into a trap.

Bonnie and Jeremy are still in the picture, and while the pair are key to finding the cure, they realize that they're clueless about it. Fortunately Prof. Shane will reveal a little bit more about the legend of Silas and a witch named Qetsiyah, however we have a feeling he is not being completely honest.

While it appears that a large chunk of the Mystic Falls group is out with Prof. Shane on the island, there are still a couple stragglers in town.

After taking some time to mourn the death of his mother, Tyler decided that he wants revenge. The hybrid confronts Klaus, but it's Caroline who gets "caught up in the violence that follows." Fingers crossed that she's not the major character that is rumored to bite the dust this season!

You can catch episode 13, "Into The Wild," when it airs on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8 p.m.

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