Shield your eyes young "Vampire Diaries" viewers -- good girl Elena has gone bad!

Episode 15, "Stand By Me," aired on Thursday, Feb. 21, and left "Vampire Diaries" fans completely shocked. Despite speculation that the usual Mystic Falls voodoo would bring Jeremy back, little Gilbert definitely did die (all the vampires in the house could smell him decomposing) ... and left Elena completely heartbroken.

Viewers have a few weeks to wait until episode 16 airs on the CW, but when it returns on Thursday, March 14, fans can expect to see the ramifications of Damon's "help" for Elena. As we already know, Damon used his sire bond to help Elena with the grief she was feeling over Jeremy's death. But instead of telling Elena that "everything will be okay" or "you'll get through this," Damon tells Elena to "shut it off."

Promo posters featuring Elena and Damon with the phrase "Humanity was the only thing she hadn't lost," have been floating around, and now viewers know why! Episode 16 will have fans seeing a side of Elena they thought would never surface. With her humanity shut off, Stefan fears that they'll lose the Elena they all know and love. However, Damon just tells him that they'll show humanity-free Elena a "good time." So, what does that "good time" include? According to the teaser video, drinking from innocent humans, getting back into cheerleading (and draining the competition), and of course, getting naked in front of Caroline and the two Salvatore brothers!

"What?" she asks, as the three of them look at her in shock. "It's nothing you guys haven't seen before."

While we don't know much about episode 16 other than the fact that Elena is spiraling out of control, we can still expect drama from other characters.

For one, in the naked Elena scene, Caroline is in the Salvatore house wrapped up in a bathrobe. With Tyler out of the picture, is Caroline now shacking up with Stefan? We're suspicious ...

Fans also have to take into consideration some juicy tweets from the cast that stem from early January. Find out what Klaus' Joseph Morgan and Damon's Ian Somerhalder had to say about episode 16, "Bring It On":

You can watch episode 16 of “The Vampire Diaries” at 8 p.m. on the CW on Thursday, March 14.

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