The "Vampire Diaries" crew had a nice vacation from filming, but now they are back in Georgia and ready for some action! Fortunately the cast has been Twitter happy, and have taken to the social media site to share what they're doing back on set...and the issues they had getting BACK to good ol' Mystic Falls.

Thanks to Joseph Morgan, we know that the "Vampire Diaries" will be picking up with episode 16! The actor who plays deadly bad boy Klaus tweeted on Jan. 4, "Also read script for episode 16 of a certain popular series involving night walkers. Interesting storyline developing ;)"

Fans will have to wait and see what that interesting storyline is (Silas possibly?), but Ian Somerhalder also offered his own little snippet of a clue.

"Back in the saddle and ready to work-#tvd time. Up, 6AM-training, breakfast, study lines, bite someone..." Somerhalder tweeted early on Monday, Jan. 7. So, who will Damon be sinking his fangs into come episode 16? It could be Matt, sneaky Professor Shane, April or maybe even a mysterious newcomer! Whoever it may be, we love when Damon channels his inner bad self!

Meanwhile a couple "Vampire Diaries" actors had a tough time returning to Atlanta.

"That amazing feeling getting to ATL after a long flight til u realize u left ur house keys in LA. Wait in 40 degrees for a locksmith..." Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie tweeted on Sunday, Jan. 6. "Til he shows up and u both jump the gate, after walking thru the backwoods (very scary) and realize the back door was open the whole time..."

Poor Claire Holt had the misfortune of leaving her iPad on her flight back to Atlanta! The actress tweeted:

"Soooo what are the chances of getting the iPad I left on your plane back @DeltaAssist?"

As for executive producer Julie Plec, she just had a tough time getting up for shooting!

"Good god, my alarm just went off for work and it's dark outside. DARK. This is usually when I go to bed. Save me!"

Fortunately for Candice Accola, her return to set seemed less problematic. "Back to work thankful for the places visited, moments had, and the loved ones that encompassed," the actress who plays Caroline tweeted.

Are you looking forward to the cast and crew of the "Vampire Diaries" back on set? Who do you think Damon will be biting come episode 16? Sound off in the comments section below!

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