Hold on tight "Vampire Diaries" fans. On Dec. 6 viewers will be transported to 1940's New Orleans! And this episode is one you definitely won't want to miss if you love a man in uniform.

Episode eight, "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street," will take "Vampire Diaries" fans back to 1942 where the Salvatore brothers were far from little ol' Mystic Falls. The flashback will show Damon and Stefan in New Orleans during World War II, and according to the Examiner, Stefan will be going into battle.

Viewers will not only get to see Damon and Stefan in uniform, but they'll also be treated to a return of a familiar face...Lexi! "Vampire Diaries" fans will remember that Lexi had the misfortune of getting on Damon's bad side. Working with the council, Damon exposed Lexi as a vampire and had her staked. Although definitely dead now, Lexi has made appearances in the past, resurfacing last season as a ghost to help Stefan break his "Ripper" ways.

Although we're not sure how she will tie in to the flashback, we're pretty certain she will bring some words of wisdom for the Salvatore brothers.

The Dec. 6 episode will also bring a new face to the "Vampire Diaries." As we previously reported, the CW series will be introducing an old flame of Damon's, a woman named Charlotte. Madeline Zima of "The Nanny" and "Californication" fame will be guest starring as Charlotte, but the leaked pictures keep her identity as a human or vampire concealed.

Meanwhile in modern day, Elena will be having a much needed girls night with Bonnie and Caroline and will reportedly reveal a "shocking secret." Fingers crossed that the shocking secret is that Elena is in love with Damon!

And unfortunately for those hoping for a Caroline and Tyler reconciliation, the hybrid is still spending time with Hayley...and possibly another woman. According to the Examiner, Hayley will "push [Tyler] to talk to another hybrid named Kimberly."

You can catch Damon and Stefan in uniform and more Mystic Falls drama on Dec. 6 in episode eight, "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street."