Last week's episode of Saturday Night Live was set to feature Christina Applegate as guest host and a performance from indie favorite Passion Pit, but what viewers weren't expecting was a surprise cameo from Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt.

Bolt first appeared during the cold open, a parody of the VP debate starring Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden, Taran Killam as Paul Ryan, and Kate McKinnon as Raddatz. Towards the end up the debate, Killam spoofs Ryan's obsession with personal fitness and his tendency to bend the truth, claiming that he actually won the 100 meter dash at this summer's London Olympics. Biden immedeatly calls him on the lie, at which point Ryan invites his running partner, Usain Bolt, to come out and back him up.

Siting on my couch and chuckling along, I completely expected to see Jay Pharoah walk onstage in a green and yellow tracksuit. Insead, SNL viewers were treated to the real deal, Bolt himself in the flesh casually walked onstage to raucous applause and cheering from the audience. Once onstage, Bolt quickly denounced Ryan's lies, noting that Bolt himself had dominated the 100 meter dash, one of the highlights of the London Olympics. "You didn't finish, you weren't even there, he said. Bolt then flashed a quick thumbs up before exiting the sketch.

Usain Bolt returned one more time, joining Christina Applegate and much of the SNl staff for the season's first installment of the recurring skech, "The Californians." Personally, I can't stand this sketch. All it offers is lame California accents and the same joke over and over: that people in LA only talk about driving directions. We get it, but honestly it's never been funny.

Yet again, the entire SNL staff went blonde for a Californian's wedding. Watch the sketch, including Bolt's second cameo, below:

Just after the live broadcast ended, Usain Bolt took to Twitter, writing, "Thanks to team of Saturday Night Live for making the first cameo experience so much fun.."I will be back" @nbcsnl."

He also retweeted the messages of several viewers:

"@usainbolt in SNL was a GENIUS move," tweeted Kurtis Koch.

"@usainbolt cameo on #snl doing a Californian accent just made my night! Hilarious!!" tweeted Nicole Koch

Alright fine, I'll admit I got a kick out of Bolt's fake accent. What did you think of the most recent SNL episode? Which were your favorite sketches? Let us know in the comments: