It seems like Julian Assange has finally been declared an enemy of the state by the US Military.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the US has designated Julian Assange as an enemy of the state. Documents that were release under the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the report is accurate.

This changes Assange's legal status, and makes him the same as the al-Qaeda terrorist network or the Taliban government, in the eyes of the United States.

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote that, according to the declassified US Air Force counter-intelligence documents, anyone in the military who communicates with WikiLeaks, or WikiLeak supporters, would be charged with "communicating with the enemy." By law, the maximum penalty for that prime is death.

According to the documents, the change in Assange's legal status in the US was made when the Air Force investigated a cyber systems analyst who apparently supported WikiLeaks:

The documents, some originally classified "Secret/NoForn" - not releasable to non-US nationals - record a probe by the air force's Office of Special Investigations into a cyber systems analyst based in Britain who allegedly expressed support for WikiLeaks and attended pro-Assange demonstrations in London.The counter-intelligence investigation focused on whether the analyst, who had a top-secret security clearance and access to the US military's Secret Internet Protocol Router network, had disclosed classified or sensitive information to WikiLeaks supporters, described as an "anti-US and/or anti-military group".

Of course, Assange probably won't be coming to the US anytime soon though. Since he was charged with sexual assault in Sweden, Assange has escaped to an Ecuadorian embassy in the UK. The Ecuadorian government has given Assange asylum under the theory that, if extradited to Sweden, they would extradite him to the United State to face conspiracy and espionage charges. Now that Assange has been declared an enemy of the state, it seems like his theory is probably true.

Stay tuned for more news about Julian Assange.