Does Tom Cruise have a new girlfriend? Conflicting reports tell two different stories.

Since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced their split at the end of June, both Cruise and Holmes, 34, have stayed mum about their personal lives, instead focusing on their careers and daughter, Suri. But this week reports about Cruise's crush on NYC restaurant manager Cynthia Jorge have reached a crescendo, leading fans to wonder if Cruise has finally moved on from his six-year marriage that led to constant speculation about the lavish-but-peculiar world Suri seemed to be living in.

Cruise met the 26-year-old restaurant manager - who is a dead ringer for Holmes - on Dec 16., after the "Jack Reacher" star dined at the Lower East Side hot spot Beauty & Essex, where Jorge works.

Jorge - who has dated Stiffler from "American Pie" - has a reputation for seeking out fame. Though she has long worked at restaurants, including Benjamin Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan, it is believed that the sultry brunette has larger aspirations, including modeling and acting. And Cruise reportedly feels Jorge has lots of potential.

"He was mesmerized by Cynthia," a source told In Touch. "She had her hair in a bun, wore tight black pants and looked gorgeous."

That little 24-year age difference? That's no problem for Cruise. The actor reportedly "called Beauty & Essex at least twice trying to track down Cynthia - and was 'put on hold for a very long time!' according to In Touch.

But an US Weekly article insists the two are just friends. "She met up with him after she got off work," the source told the magazine. "She loves to dance, so they ended up meeting up later at Le Baron."

"He had a lot of friends with him," the source added. "It was just a fun night out."

Fans on Twitter are undecided whether the dating is a good or bad thing. Some felt that Cruise should be left alone. "I'm glad local news is using great sources like facebook for their reporting, and informing about important things like tomcruisedating," Jennifer Berggren said. But others couldn't wait to spin the new tale. "Tom Cruise May Be Already Prepping His Next Future Ex-Wife, Cynthia Jorge," Wish I Didn't Know tweeted.

Cruise and Holmes announced their split in June after six years, one daughter and countless red-carpet appearances. "This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family," Katie's attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, said at the time. "Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."


There's no question that Holmes adores her 6-year-old daughter Suri, but the total net worth of $275 million - including estates in Telluride and Beverly Hills, a luxurious airplane Aviat and over-the-top cars like a Bugatti Veyron and Porsche - was a huge issue in the divorce, as well.

For the last six months, the press has been predicting a huge comeback for Holmes. "This is a prime time for Katie to let her true fashion sense shine through," Ryan Patterson, a producer at Access Hollywod, told iFashionTimes in July. "People will be looking at her and scrutinizing her more than ever. But there are no rules for her to follow."

"Katie put her career on hold and allowed Tom to make critical choices to her detriment," celebrity stylist Sam Saboura told iFashionTimes. "Most notably her passing on 'The Dark Knight Rises,' which has become one of the biggest and most respected film franchises in the world."

But Holmes has largely stayed out of the press, trying to craft a simpler life with Suri in the Chelsea area of NYC. Elizabeth Jeffer, a mom of two who lives in Chappaqua, N.Y., recently spotted Holmes and her mom at the American Girl store in NYC. "They seemed very relaxed but looked around at no one," Jeffer told iFashionTimes. "I was thinking how hard that must be."