Cheat Flappy Bird iOS High Score Pipe Glitch Hack cheats how to Steps iPhone iPad No Jailbreak windows mac Learn how to cheat the Flappy Birds game on iOS with these steps. All you need is a Windows or Mac computer, iPhone or iPad to hack the top score board. (Photo: Flappy Bird)


UPDATE: Flappy Bird Taken Down: Where To Download The Game And Save High Scores Now That It's Been Removed From iOS & Android App Store

Done with iOS Flappy Bird high score fury? Ready to cheat the top score board with the pipe glitch hack everyone is talking about? Good news. It's pretty simple in fact to trick your iPhone or iPad into giving you an unlimited high score. All you need is a computer - Windows or Mac - an Apple iPhone or iPad, Internet connection and some free time. Stir those ingredients together and you get an unlimited high score for Flappy Birds by removing the pipes or causing a glitch with the iOS Flappy Bird pipes to make your bird invincible to them. Whether your looking for a respectable high score of 25 or 26 or just want one of those ridiculously high scores found on the Top Score board, hacking Flappy Bird on iOS for iPhone and iPad is pretty easy to do. The best part is, you wont need to have any hacking experience to get the cheat on iPhone or iPad. If you are ready to give the Flappy Bird high scores the bird, then check out our detailed tutorial along with photos to teach you how to cheat the Flappy Board high score board, by putting a glitch in the pipes. Keep in mind, however, this is a hack. Therefore, it's important to follow directions correctly and refrain from editing any files except those mentioned in the instructions. Otherwise, you could experience problems with your device. (NOTE: iDigitalTimes is not responsible for any damage done if instructions are implemented incorrectly.) For those who want to earn their score honestly, check out this article with tips for improving your Flappy Bird score.

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Flappy Birds Cheats Hack For Unlimited High Score [For iOS iPhone OR iPad]

Before beginning this hack you will need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Contrary to what many of the videos online show, a jailbreak is actually needed. Though you will be modifying the app by computer, a jailbreak is needed to allow the unauthorized version of the app to work. In order to jailbreak you iPhone or iPad, visit and download the software on your computer, then follow the directions in the video below.

Ok jailbroken now? On to the hack!

1) Make sure Flappy Bird is not open or running on your device (even in the background) before beginning.

2) Download iExplorer here (Mac Version). If you are using a Windows Machine, download here.

3) Download one of these modified atlas.txt files.

a.Use this if you want pipes appear but you can go through them

b.Use this if you want a little line instead of the whole pipe



Cheat Flappy Bird iOS High Score Pipe Glitch Hack iPhone  iPad No Jailbreak Open iExplorer to begin the Flappy Bird cheat hack for iOS iPhone or iPad



4) Open iExplorer. When the registration screen comes up, if you don't care to buy it just yet click, "Continue with Demo"

5)Connect your iPhone to your computer

6) Change the icon view to thumbnail mode



Cheat Flappy Bird iOS High Score Pipe Glitch Hack iPhone  iPad No Jailbreak Change the View Mode to Thumbnail for hacking Flappy Bird on iOS iPhone or iPad



7) In iExplorer, look through your apps for and open it.



Cheat Flappy Bird iOS High Score Pipe Glitch Hack iPhone  iPad No Jailbreak Find Flappy Bird app and open in iExplorer for the pipe gltich cheat



8) Drag the new atlas.txt file you downloaded right into the iExplorer screen with all the other thumbnails

9) You will be prompted to replace the file. Replace it.



Cheat Flappy Bird iOS High Score Pipe Glitch Hack iPhone  iPad No Jailbreak Just drag the new atlas.txt file in and choose "replace" and you are through with the Flappy Bird High score cheat for iOS!



10) That's it!

I did it myself today with both an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 5. If you have any difficulty leave a message in the comments and I'll try to assist you. This video may also be useful if the pictures weren't enough.

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