Flappy Bird cheats and hacks for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets are a popular item right now, as anyone who's played this insanely frustrating Mario knock-off game knows how hard it is to get a good high score — let alone make it onto the global level high score board. While many of us continue to struggle along hoping to earn our Flappy Bird high scores honestly, for those who just wanna sport those insanely high numbers, or even make your way onto the Top Score board, here's a list of instructions, along with video clips for hacking Flappy Bird with cheats that remove the pipes or allow an unlimited high score on either iOS or Android. Keep in mind, however, this is a hack. Therefore, it's important to follow directions correctly and refrain from editing any files except those mentioned in the instructions. Otherwise, you could experience problems with your device. (NOTE: iDigitalTimes is not responsible for any damage done if instructions are implemented incorrectly.)

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Flappy Bird Cheats Hack For Android - How To Set An Unlimited High Score [Root Required]

With the recent release of Flappy Bird for Android there was a temporary hack that allowed users to change their high scores, but now that the Flappy Bird Android app has been updated a new method for hacking top scores was needed.Thankfully, YouTube user, TECHxINFINITE uploaded a new permanent Android Flappy Bird hack that allows users to set their high score to anything they want.

1) You will need to make sure your Android smartphone or tablet device is rooted before beginning.

2) If you have Flappy Bird installed already, uninstall and reinstall a clean copy. Play the game once and get a high score of any amount (a high score of at least 1 is required for this hack).

3) Download ES File Explorer File Manager from the Google Play Store

4) Open ES File Explorer File Manager

5) Open the Tools menu on the left

6) Make sure "Root Explorer" is on

7) Go into the root file directory under /device

8) Click on the folder labeled "data"

9) Inside the data folder, search for another folder labeled "data" and open it.

10) Search the folder for the Flappy Bird file (this is done most simply by searching 'flappy" in the search bar)

11) Open the Flappy Bird file

12) Open shared_prefs

13) Open FlappyBird.xml

14) Select ES Note Editor when prompted

15) Click edit in the upper left hand corner of the screen

16) Change the score value to whatever number you wish your high score to be.

17) That's it!

Flappy Birds Cheats Hack For iOS Unlimited High Score [For iPhone/iPad]

Before beginning this hack you will need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Contrary to what many of the videos online show, a jailbreak is actually needed. Though you will be modifying the app by computer, a jailbreak is needed to allow the unauthorized version of the app to work. In order to jailbreak you iPhone or iPad, visit evasi0n.com and download the software on your computer, then follow the directions in the video below.

Ok jailbroken now? On to the hack!

1) Make sure Flappy Bird is not open or running on your device (even in the background) before beginning.

2) Download one of these modified atlas.txt files.

a. Use this if you want pipes appear but you can go through them ---> http://cl.ly/TdsF

b. Use this if you want a little line instead of the whole pipe ---> http://cl.ly/TdJy

3) Download iExplorer (When the registration screen comes up, if you don't care to buy it just yet click, "Continue with Demo")

4) Connect your iPhone to your computer

5) In iExplorer, look through your apps for flap.app and open

6) Look through the files for one named "atlas.txt"

7) Click on atlas.txt and in the right hand screen you'll see a bunch of text/code.

8) Change the view to thumbnail mode

9) Drag the new atlas.txt file you downloaded right into the iExplorer screen with all the other thumbnails

10) You will be prompted to replace the file. Replace it.

11) That's it!

Flappy Birds Cheats Hack For Unlimited High Score [iOS Jailbroken iPhone and iFile Required]

1) Make sure Flappy Bird is not open or running on your device (even in the background) before beginning.

2) iPhone must have an iOS 6.x or iOS 7.x jailbreak installed via evasi0n.com

3) Download iFile from the Cydia Jailbreak store.

4) Open iFile

5) Go to applications

6) Open each of those folders with the ridiculously long number and letter names until you find one with the Flap.app folder listed

7) Open Flap.app and scroll down to atlas.txt.

8) Click on it and you should see a bunch of code come up.

9) Scroll down near the bottom where you'll see a section called "pipe_down" and "pipe_up"

10) In the pipe_down line, replace the number 250 with 5. In the pipe_up line, replace the number 270 with 5.

11) That's It!

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