The "Under the Dome" season 2 premiere date is set to return to CBS this summer. The official date has yet to be officially announced, but if the Stephen King adaptation follows the timeline of season 1, fans can anticipate their favorite fishbowled town to hit their TVs around June 2014.

"Under the Dome" season 2 spoilers indicate that while Chester's Mill is surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable force field, the town is about to get some new faces. TVLine dishes that season 2 will bring in three new characters. Check out a description of these newcomers below.

"Sam, a rugged gent better known to the locals as 'the crazy drunk who lives alone in the woods' - and who harbors a family tie to a familiar face; Rebecca, a teacher in her 30s whom Big Jim beseeches to start back up the school, though not with the noblest of agendas; and, most curiously, a 'new girl' in town (?!) who takes an avid interest in both Joe and Norrie."

From this, we learn a few things concerning "Under the Dome" season 2. A covert family member (Sam) will come out of the cracks (or the woods). This isn't the first time a new face has popped up in town from a clandestine location (Maxine). Who knows who else is hiding out in the shadows of Chester's Mill. "Under the Dome" season 2 will also see school back in session, though based on Big Jim's ignoble agenda, it's unlikely the students will be learning spelling and arithmetic. The most interesting of the three characters is perhaps the inexplicable "new girl" who takes an interest in Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz). Is the dome perhaps less impassable than it seems?

The "Under the Dome" season 2 production team is reportedly re-opening its studio offices in North Carolina on January 13. Actor Colin Ford disclosed earlier that he believes "Under the Dome" filming will commence in February or March.

Another "Under the Dome" season 2 detail spilled reveals that Stephen King himself will be a contributing writer for the upcoming season. Check back for more updates on the premiere date and spoilers ahead of the show's return. "Under the Dome" airs Monday nights on CBS. Watch the cliffhanger (a literal hanger) from the "Under the Dome" season finale below in the meantime.