The "Under the Dome" season 2 premiere date has yet to be officially announced, but the Stephen King adaption is expected to return to CBS June 2014. In fact, the horror luminary himself will be penning the premiere episode. CBS announced Stephen King will write the first episode of the 13 total.

"We're excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester's Mill, and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season," said CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler.

"Under the Dome" season 2 spoilers also further tease what viewers can anticipate from the sci-fi summer drama. While it's clear to those who read the novel of the same name, the TV adaptation takes a lot of creative liberties, straying from the original storylines. Actor Dean Norris (Big Jim) revealed that the show will divert from the original plot until the end.

"There is a final ending for Under the Dome that is different than the book. And when it was pitched to Stephen King, he said, 'Wow. I wish I'd thought of that,'" Norris said, TVLine reports.

Executive Producer Neal Baer confirmed to Parade that they already have a clear series finale in mind. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Baer also revealed that "Under the Dome" viewers will see some more new faces. When the show returns in June, what can fans anticipate?

"Some new characters, certainly. They're going to turn things upside down. We'll find out where they were, because it's only been two weeks since the dome came down. And we'll maybe meet someone that's related to Junior and Big Jim," Baer said.

Speaking of Junior, the actor that portrays the troubled son of Big Jim visited Young Hollywood Studio to dish some "Under the Dome" spoilers ahead of the season 1 finale. Watch Alexander Koch talk spoilers and his dome essentials here. Koch reveals that the future of Junior is somewhat of a "redemption story," meaning he will be trying to make up for his past wicked behavior to get on the good side of daddy dearest.

Ahead of the "Under the Dome" season 2 premiere date, Chester's Mill fanatics can get the complete first season on Blu-ray and DVD now. Also, in the meantime, you can watch the "Under the Dome" blooper reel below. The summer drama will air Mondays on CBS at 10 p.m. ET.

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