The "Under the Dome" season 2 premiere date is expected to return to CBS during summer 2014. In the meantime, the cast and crew are either enjoying their hiatus or working on other projects. Other "Under the Dome" actors, lucky for those experiencing Chester's Mill withdrawals, are divulging little tidbits of information on the upcoming season. Most recently, actor Colin Ford, who plays trapped teen Joe McAlister in the Stephen King TV adaptation, spilled some "Under the Dome" spoilers.

Colin Ford revealed that "Under the Dome" is set to start filming season 2 in February or March, which means fans won't get any serious spoilers from the cast for a few months. As the "Under the Dome" actor revealed, the cast didn't get scripts until "a couple days before" they started shooting an episode.

"So, it was just as much of a surprise, week by week while were shooting it, for us, as it was for the audience," Ford told Collider.

The "Under the Dome" actor also addressed the news that Stephen King himself will be penning part of season 2. (The TV adaptation's storylines will divert from King's original book of the same name.)

"I can't wait! I know his episodes will be really, really, really crazy, out there and unexpected 'cause that's what his writing style is like," Ford said.

Stephen King isn't the only one giving his input on the show's new direction. Actor Dean Norris (Big Jim) also revealed what he hoped season 2 would showcase. Norris also recently slipped and unveiled that the showrunners already have an "Under the Dome" series finale ending in mind.

"I'm going to encourage them to explore the whole insanity versus sanity thing because I think it's a really interesting topic," Norris told World Screen. "If you look at bad leaders over history and over time, they've done some really horrible things but in most cases that they think they've been ordained by God."

Interesting. Hopefully the "Under the Dome" season 2 premiere will see the same outstanding success as its first season, which was the most-watched series of the summer across broadcast and cable with nearly 15 million viewers.

However, following the series premiere's enthusiastic reception, many viewers grew frustrated with the bizarre direction the show subsequently took. As one report wraps it up, "Under the Dome went totally off its trolley." Still, viewers remained loyal (and vexed), seeing the CBS drama to its cliffhanger ending. Actress Rachelle Lefevre (Julia Shumway) has confidence in the future of "Under the Dome."

"I have faith that if people stay with us, they will get answers, but we won't drag it out unnecessarily when the time comes for the dome to either be revealed or go away or whatever happens," Lefevre said.

Check back for "Under the Dome" season 2 premiere date details, spoilers and more. How did you feel about the season 1 finale?