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In "Under the Dome" season 1 episode 6 "The Endless Thirst", we finally see the desperation for survival in Chester's Mill come to fruition. When the town experiences a water shortage, the dome dwellers break into a riot, only to be quashed by a surprise rainstorm. This sudden rainstorm suggests the dome has some kind of microclimate. Meanwhile, Joe accompanied Norrie to steal insulin for her mom, Alice, since the town has run out. In the end, Norrie stole one vial from a little boy's home to give her mom a little more time. Julia and Dodee discover an odd energy source radiating from Joe and Norrie, who seemingly bring about the rainstorm. The episode caps off with Big Jim offering safety and resources to Angie and her brother in return for her silence on the whole kidnapping matter. Angie takes the proposal into consideration just as her former lover slash abductor Junior walks in.

The official "Imperfect Circles" synopsis is described as the following: "Big Jim takes action when he feels his authority is being threatened, and the dome displays its power by taking a life just as a baby is born."

In the "Under the Dome" sneak peek, Joe and Norrie discover another dome in the forest. The mini dome appears to be housing some type of egg. Will this miniature version of their fishbowl-like prison help them figure out why or how the dome came about, and maybe even how to get out of it? It seems the two young lovebirds are the only dome dwellers with some kind of internal connection with the dome itself, and possibly the only people who could bring about any kinds of environmental changes for the town of Chester's Mill. Julia and Dodee now know about this strange connection the two have with the invisible shield; a piece of information likely to turn the two kids into a town science experiment. Whether or not it will remain a secret is likely dependent on how quickly resources and sanity deplete within the dome.

While the "Under the Dome" preview doesn't reveal who will die in the newest episode, the synopsis hints that the dome has control over Chester's Mill resident's survival. Rose fell victim to murderous looters in "The Endless Thirst", but who will be next? It is uncertain whether the townspeople will turn on each other again in search of resources, or if the dome's strange power will claim another innocent life. Most importantly, what is in the mysterious dome-encased egg?

"Under the Dome" airs on CBS Monday nights at 9pm ET.