Twitter's music app, formerly We Are Hunted, is almost ready to launch. Earlier today we told you about Ryan Seacrest tweeting about the service and now it looks like the service is closing in on being released. The acquisition that took place about a month ago is finally yielding results, with Twitter looking to launch this weekend during Coachella--according to AllThingsD. The Twitter music app service will piggyback off of other services like iTunes, SoundCloud and Vevo, Engadget reports. Along with Twitter's video app Vine, the acquisition of We Are Hunted exemplifies Twitter's new efforts in media sharing.

Not much is known about the upcoming Twitter music app. We tried logging in to the service but were presented with error screens, though you might have better luck. The service is said to suggest music to users based on who they are following among other things.

The social networking site has exploded since its inception in 2006. Just last month Twitter celebrated its 7th birthday. Click here to read how or see below:

The social networking site Twitter is turning seven years old today. It seems like just yesterday we we're learning how to properly use hashtags and blocking out time in our schedule for Follow Friday. In the 7 years that Twitter has been around it's done more than just change what we call the number symbol/pound sign. In their celebratory video, Twitter shows various monumental events since the service's inception in March of 2006. Read on for more information about Twitter 7th birthday.

The video, titled Celebrating Twitter#7, begins by walking us through important moments in Twitter's history. We see Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, send out his first tweet seven years ago, "just setting up my twttr" (back when they thought the service's name would have no vowels, as dictated by the rules of Web 2.0). The video also shows us the first time retweets and hashtags were used -- a practice that would go on to be a very key feature of Twitter. Along with @ mentions, while users did this informally anyway to address and quote people, Twitter eventually baked it in to their core product, making @ mentioning and retweeting a real way to get someone's attention. Twitter users may have created more functionality on Twitter than they may think.

While a service like Vine clearly separates itself from other video apps, we've yet to see how the Twitter music app will make things better or worse for music consumption. Services like Spotify, Pandora and even Youtube seem to have quenched users' thirst for digital music as is. will have to bring something unique to the table.

What things would you like to see in the soon-to-launch Twitter music app. Let us know in the comments!

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