Yes, panicked bloggers, the Tumblr down time has hit us too.

Approximately 24 hours after Facebook and Gmail faced major outages of their own, the wildly popular blogging site Tumblr appears to be down for an as yet undetermined reason. Worse, unlike typical Tumblr down time, users who attempt to visit the site aren't even greeted with the typical "servers at capacity" error message. It would appear that, whatever the cause of Tumblr's down time on Wednesday, is a pretty serious issue.

Update: The company Twitter account has provided an update on today's Tumblr down time. Apparently the staff were forced to take the site offline to resolve some network issues, though they did not offer an ETA for when Tumblr would be back online.

Update 2: iDigitalTimes has confirmed that some Tumblr blogs are accessable again, though the main page and Dashboard remain down at this time. We've reached out to Tumblr for any additional comment on the situation and/or an ETA on when the full site may return.

Update 3: The Tumblr Twitter account has been updated again, confirming that some blogs are back online, but it looks like the recovery has been delayed by a few problematic servers. We also received a response from the folks at Tumblr; however, all we got was the same copy they released via Twitter earlier this afternoon:

"Tumblr has taken the site down in order to resolve a network issue. We will update as we know more."

Update 4: Everything is back to normal on Tumblr.

Now, back to the original story...

iDigitalTimes writers across the country have confirmed the outage, as have thousands of Tumblr users forced to turn to Twitter and Facebook during the final hours of the work day, though the social media company has yet to officially confirm Tumblr is down. The company did tweet about slow performance and intermittent errors earlier Wednesday afternoon, though there's no word on if the current down time is related to the same technical issues.

The popular site-checking tool DownForEveryoneOrJustMe also shows Tumblr down at this time, and a number of tweets suggest that the problem isn't exclusive to US users. DownRightNow has also show "Likely Service Disruption" for more than an hour as well. The outage is also being reported by a number of media outlets; however, Tumblr is unlikely to stay offline long enough to warrant a story from a global new organization like Reuters.

Unlike yesterday's Facebook outage, there is no indication that today's Tumblr down time has to do with DNS issues of any kind, though we are still awaiting word on the outage's cause. As was the case yesterday, we don't expect the Tumblr down time to last long, but its impact is clearly felt even during brief outages.

Of course, what would a Tumblr outage be without the typical gnashing of teeth and .GIF post jokes?

What will you be doing to pass the minutes/hours until the Tumblr down time is over?

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