WARNING: This post contains "True Blood" season 7 spoilers, so don't continue reading if you haven't watched last week's "True Blood" season 7, episode 7 "May Be The Last Time".

In last week's "True Blood" season 7, episode 7 "May Be The Last Time", we may have finally gotten the answer to the question: Who will Sookie ultimately end up with. The final season of "True Blood" started with a many possible endings for our favorite "danger whore". Sookie was dating Alcide at the start of the final season but their happily-ever-after was cut short when the hunky werewolf was killed while protecting Sookie.

Eric was M.I.A. for a while but when he returned to Bon Temps, there was a passionate embrace between him and Sookie. But for now Eric seems consumed by his singular mission of killing Sarah Newman, who has been revealed to be the cure for Hep V. Perhaps when he succeeds in killing Sarah/eradicating Hep V, Eric and Sookie may rekindle their romance.

With Alcide out of the picture and Eric on the hunt for Sarah, a Bill and Sookie reunion seemed inevitable. That is until we learned that Sookie infected Bill with an aggressive strain of the Hep V virus, after she was exposed to the virus on the night Alcide was killed after she made a cut in her arm to attract the Hep V-infected vampires. Unlike other Hep-V infected vampires, Bill's condition worsened dramatically after the first sign of the illness due to Sookie's half-faerie blood.

But rather than being turned off by Bill's rapidly spreading disease, Bill's decline inspires great sympathy from Sookie. She feels so badly for him that she's apparently forgotten how big of a jerk he was to her when he was Billith and the fact that their relationship began as a scam. The shocking ending to last week's episode was Sookie running out of her house in a white dress and straight into Bill's place, where they make love on a fur rug.

The whole sequence was so dream-like that you might have thought it wasn't actually happening, especially as improbable fantasy sex scenes are a hallmark of "True Blood". But in the preview for next week's episode, we see Bill and Sookie in bed together. So it would appear that they are indeed a couple again for now.

The fact that Bill is dying may be some sort of aphrodisiac for Sookie, but what happens if he is later cured? Without the mix of sympathy and guilt she's feeling now, perhaps she'll come to her senses and realize that Bill is not the one for her, as Sookie's godfather Niall Bigrant made clear last episode. A Bill and Sookie ending would make sense as it would be coming full circle and the show has been trying to humanize Bill with a lot of seemingly pointless flashbacks to when he was a human.

Though if Bill and Sookie end up together, would Bill have to turn Sookie into a vampire? Or would they just be together for the duration of Sookie's life. Sookie was ready to be turned for Ben Flynn a.k.a. Warlow until he turned violent, so maybe she'd be willing to turn for Bill.

Another possibility, when Sookie finally revealed to Sam that she always thought they would end up together, Sam, who had always loved Sookie, was already having a baby with Nicole. But now a pregnant Nicole is telling Sam that she's leaving Bon Temps for good and she wants Sam to go with her. Since Sam is unlikely to leave Bon Temps and with Nicole out of the picture, maybe a Sam and Sookie ending is still on the cards.

With just three episodes left of the final season of "True Blood", we're still not sure what's in store for all the characters. In the preview for "True Blood" season 7 episode 8 "Almost Home" we see that Sarah will finally have to face Eric. The preview also reveals that Jason Stackhouse's scorned vampire lover Violet has kidnapped Jessica.

Will Eric be able to control himself and allow Sarah to live long enough for her blood to be synthesized into a Hep V antidote? Or will he murder her in a rage like he did her vampire sister? How will Jason save Jessica from such an ancient and powerful vampire like Violet?

"True Blood" season 7 episode 8 "Almost Home" airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. Do you think we're heading for a Bill and Sookie endgame? Let us know in the comments