The sixth season of "True Blood" is rapidly approaching, and with it speculation surrounding the "major death!"

The hit HBO show has no problem killing people off, and while some do return from the dead (whether it be as ghosts or vampires), fans are dreading the rumors of a big death. While it's always hard to see a long time character bid adieu to a series, the reason why viewers are in a tizzy is because the death rumors are about "True Blood" smokeshow Eric Northman!

Although Eric's death hasn't been confirmed (and most likely won't be leaked until the episode airs), new spoilers reveal when fans should be expecting the grisly death.

"That big death that's happening this season?" E! Online teased. "It might happen a lot sooner than we originally thought. It's in the second half of the season, but before the finale."

The upcoming sixth season of "True Blood" is only slated to air 10 episodes due to Anna Paquin's (Sookie) pregnancy. So the "big death" can occur anywhere between episodes six and nine. Titles for season 6 are already online and might be able to give some insight into when fans can expect the death.

As we previously reported, episode seven is titled "The Funeral," and the title for episode nine has been kept a secret. Our bet is on one of those episodes, airing on July 21 and August 11 respectively.

Fans are hesitant to believe that Eric, a definite favorite on the series, would be killed off. But comments made by Alcide's Joe Manganiello comments to TVLine are not reassuring:

"We're getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I'm sure they will continue to do that."

If Eric does somehow end up heading towards the after- afterlife, may have a clue as to how it will happen - Eric knows too much!

The site explains that Eric will find a facility where "all sorts of terrible things happen to his own kind."

Catch the season 6 premiere of "True Blood" when it airs Sunday, June 16.

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