"True Blood" is known to show a lot of skin, and when the hit HBO series returns on June 16 fans can look forward to seeing a WHOLE LOT of Joe Manganiello.

Manganiello plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the show. Viewers immediately fell for the tall, dark and handsome man when he saddled up next to Sookie, protecting her from the big bad in town.

In season 5 things really heated up between the pair after she swore off the two vampires in her life, Bill and Eric. But while the season premiere kicked off with the two finally getting hot and heavy, things quickly fizzled when Bill and Eric walked in and Sookie hurled on Alcide's shoes.

Sookie and Alcide never jumped back on the hook up express in season 5, and Alcide eventually ended up shacking up with Rikki, a werewolf in the Shreveport Pack. As fans of the series know, Alcide struggled with the pack all season when he was accused of killing the former pack master, Marcus. Refusing to take over as pack master, the position eventually went to J.D. who got the pack to start using V. But in true "Alcide-saves-the-day" fashion, the werewolf challenged J.D. and won back the pack.

Between his moments with Rikki and fighting J.D., viewers got to see A LOT of Alcide ... and according to E! Online it will continue into season 6!

E! Online teased: "How naked will Joe be this season?"

Manganiello replied, "I'm 'True Blood' naked!"

The actor informed fans that as the new pack master of Shreveport he will have "a lot of dating options."

"It's good to be the pack master!" he joked. "I remember I asked the producer, 'What do pack masters do all day?' And they're like, 'They get all the were-b*****es!"

So does that mean things between Rikki and Alcide will sizzle out since he's the new leader in town? Looks like we'll have to wait and see when "True Blood" returns to HBO on Sunday, June 16.

Missed season 5 of "True Blood"? You can catch it when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 21.

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