Triplets All in Jail proves to be as poignant a news-making story as anything trending across the internet this evening as the story of the shivers family from the Buena Vista Township of Michigan went viral late Wednesday night, attracting the carefully curated attention of online journalism powerhouses like the Daily Mail and The Inquisitr. The story of Deshawn, Jurron, and Devon, three triplets, all in jail, who have been convicted of various felony charges including unarmed robbery, could provide a fascinating look into the ages-old debate between nature and nurture. But due to the particulars of this story, Deshawn, Jurron, and Devon shivers may not fit so neatly onto one side or the other of the argument concerning whether or not our behavior is governed by something rooted in our genetics, the environments in which we were raised, or some combination of those two factors.

The story of the triplets all in jail begins in 2011, when Devon Shivers, the first of the Shivers triplets, was convicted of several serous damning felony charges including home invasion, multiple weapon charges, as well as what the state believed to be assault with intent to commit murder. According to the police, Devon fired at the mother of someone with whom he was buying drugs. After the jury came in with a guilty verdict, Devon shivers was sent to the Siginaw Correctional Facility in May of 2011, where his earliest release date is 2041, and his latest release date could even be in 2071. At that time, Devon shivers will be eighty years old.

But now, with the triplets all in jail, Siginaw Correction Facility in Michigan could be seeing two more shiverss being added to their ranks. Deshawn and Juronn shivers were recently convicted by the state of armed robbery and conspiracy felonies this past week in the wake of what the prosecution successfully argued was a coordinated attack on the father of Juronn shivers's girlfriend in an effort to get the man to part with his cash and his cellphone. This attack occurred in the Buena Vista Township in July of 2010. Deshawn and Juronn shivers, the last two of the shivers triplets to be convicted, had been awaiting a verdict for over two years. Unlike their brother, Devon, who shot a woman, Deshawn and Juronn face fifteen years in jail for their crimes.

According to Saginaw Police Sgt. Terry Carpenter, the Shivers triplets all in jail represents a huge victory for Michigan's safety. "[Devon, Deshawn, and Juronn] have been members of the 'Sunny Side' gang for years, and that includes siblings and family members," said Carpenter. This statement was, perhaps, in reference to their older brother, Sanford Shivers, who pled guilty over a decade ago to obstruction of justice and resisting police, felony weapons charges, and assault with the intent to do great bodily harm.

In a statement from police concerning the conviction of the last two triplets all in jail, Saginaw police said: "The Saginaw P.D. is elated by the recent convictions of Deshawn and Juronn Shivers and hope that they receive a stern sentence by the sentencing circuit court judge," the police said in a statement. "Additionally, we thank the Buena Vista Police Department in their hard work producing the evidence needed to ensure a conviction in their most recent crime."