Is Trey Songz really gay? Did he come out on Twitter in a later deleted tweet? The rumor that the R&B singer came out in a tweet, which was later deleted, began circulating around social media sites like Twitter and Facebook late Tuesday night. However, those rumors are completely false and equal just one more time that has pulled the wool over the eyes of social media users. The rumor, which started in an article published on the satirical news source, contained a screen shot of an alleged tweet from Trey Songz in which the singer supposedly came out of the closet, letting his fans know he was gay. That image was soon retweeted and posted on Facebook thousands of times, spreading the fake story that Trey Songz was gay. Here is an excerpt from the Huzlers article that began the viral hoax.

trey, songz, gay, twitter, rumor, r, b, singer, came, out, tweet, deleted, true, fake, hoax, confesses, homosexual Huzlers, the site responsible for the latest viral hoax about Trey Songz being gay, is known for trolling social media with it's fake and satirical news stories.

"R&B star Trey Songz has just admitted to being a homosexual via Twitter. He says he is not bisexual, but homosexual and one day will like to "Marry the man of his life. Trey Songz has been extremely popular with the ladies since the beginning of his career back in 2003. Fans are questioning why a man like Trey Songz, who can essentially get any woman if he wanted to, would become gay. Trey Songz first admitted to being gay on Twitter when he tweeted from his official account, but later deleted to tweet. We believe coming out the closet is a very stressful choice for Songz as it is with most people. check out the tweet below."

trey, songz, gay, twitter, rumor, r, b, singer, came, out, tweet, deleted, true, fake, hoax, homosexual, This fake tweet about Trey Songz coming out as gay was shared thousands of times Tuesday night, before the R

While the rumor travelled fast, and at one point "Trey Songz comes out" even trended on Twitter for a while, the singer soon took to the social networking site himself to dispel the rumors that he had come out of the closet and was hoping to find the man of his dreams.

In spite of his obvious public denial that he is gay, Trey Songz still appears to be the center of a viral social media hoax that has continued throughout the afternoon. Huzlers is well know for starting shocking hoaxes such as this as well as death hoaxes and other false tales which spread virally on social media, including the fake story about Sharkeisha's death, Lil Terio's kidnapping, and a kid killing his brother over a Flappy Bird's score. The best thing to do when you hear a piece of news that seems incredible or unbelievable is not to share it right away. Rather, take a moment, go to Google and search for other sources to corroborate the story. If no one else is reporting a story such as Trey Songz coming out, then chances are it's not true. While this hoax is relatively harmless, some of these hoaxes become serious and can cause emotional distress to friends and family of the victims. If you see anyone spreading the false rumor that R&B Singer Trey Songz is gay, maybe point them to this article so they can get their facts straight. WATCH: Trey Songz - Na Na [Official Video]



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