When crowdsourcing beauty tutorials, there are several go-to outlets: YouTube, beauty magazines, blogs and even platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Now, courtesy of Kayla Arias, there is a new app that can help you get all the beauty content you need from one convenient location.

Called Tresscove, the app was created by Arias as a class project while she was pursuing her master's degree at Parsons School of Design. Available for iPhone and iPad, the app lets users swipe around to find the right tutorials and content from various platforms.

"I was inspired by the way in which the natural-hair community had empowered women, including myself, to love themselves and their natural hair, all through sharing beauty tutorials," says Arias to Allure magazine. "I wished there were a mobile platform to further support this type of relationship we women could have with each other and make it even more accessible, so I designed this!"

What further makes the app unique is users can effortlessly make their own tutorial without extra equipment, editing software or anything else. Simply upload pictures of each step of your tutorial, place them in the order of your choice, add product tags and captions, and share it with the world. And if videos are more convenient, then you can post videos up to two minutes long.

"Tresscove is where you go to get your beauty fix! It is the most convenient way to discover & create beauty tutorials, shop the products used, and access the latest beauty articles. Currently, beauty enthusiasts have to visit multiple sites and apps to find inspiration, learn how to get the look, and hunt for the best deals on the products they need," according to the app. "The Tresscove mobile app streamlines that segmented process by creating a new connected way to learn and shop."