Tori Spelling Tori Spelling stranded with family on the side of the road after gas leak was found in her car.

Tori Spelling was stranded today on the side of the road, when her car broke down – leaving her, her four kids and her puppy stranded on the side of the road. The problem was apparently a gas leak from her car!

The "Craft Wars" host and star of "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" took to the internet to express her feelings about the situation, writing “4 kids. 1 dog. 1 car leaking gas broken down on the side of the road= not a great road trip.” Tori Spelling’s stranded photo shows her with her four kids and giving the camera a face that screams “are you kidding me?” She holds the hand of one-year-old toddler Hattie. Baby Flynn is cradled in her arms while five-year-old Liam and four-year-old Stella stand by her side.

Tori Spelling’s stranded snap is not an outlier; the star often keeps her friends and fans updated on her day-to-day life via her social media channels including Twitter and Instagram. It didn’t take long for Tori Spelling’s stranded family to be rescued, however, and in the blink of an eye, she was once more updating her Twitter with more happy news. She tweeted “Red velvet milkshake? Yes, please!!” along with a link to her website to themed Valentine’s Day desserts and treats. "Red Velvet is definitely my favorite cupcake flavor, and the colors are perfect for V-day, so when I found this milkshake I knew it was gonna be a winner," she writes. Spelling regularly updates her 'ediTORIal' section of her website, which is a blog where she shares ideas and writes about everything from fashion to food. Tori Spelling even blogged about heading to the hospital to give birth to her newest addition: including video!

She often posts about her love of food and culinary adventures. During Super Bowl 47, she tweeted: “This is how we celebrated #Superbowlsunday wings, pizza,& bed party! #SB47” with adorable photo of her family.

She also crowd-sourced her over 905,000 Twitter followers and asked for advice about a food app:

Tori Spelling also recently asked an open question about restaurants in Lancaster, PA: