Take Your Dog To Work Day is tomorrow, Friday, June 21, 2013. Take Your Dog To Work Day is an annual event created by Pet Sitters International and first celebrated in 1999. The holiday celebrates man's best friend and aims to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs.

To celebrate the 15th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day, thousands of pet owners will take their furry friends into work tomorrow. Here's 10 photos of dogs in offices to inspire you to join in.

1. This friendly-looking fella is called Herbie. He's stolen your swivel chair. Photo cred: flickr/JohnONolan.

2. Mr. Chips is pooped after watching you do all that work that you do. Photo cred: flickr/Princess K8

3. Jespah the Golden retriever is just daring you to trip over him. Photo cred: flickr/jespahjoy

4. Bella, the Frenchie, wants to help you type out your excel spreadsheets. Photo cred: flickr/lululemon athletica

5. Gibson is counting down the minutes until work is over. Photo cred: flickr/mccun934

6. Chihuahuas make the perfect office companion. Photo cred: flickr/smallkaa

7. Frankie feels your pain. Photo cred: flickr/erikorama

8. Chiquita, the Chihuahua, is rugged up for the office AC. Photo cred: flickr/TedsBlog

9. This German shepherd is keeping you on your toes. Photo cred: flickr/mikecogh

10. Peaches the Australian Cattle Dog is keeping your seat warm. Photo cred: flickr/Augie Schwer

Will you be celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day? Let us know in the comments.

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