Tom Kenny Dead Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

As if it's not disturbing enough to find out you're dead, what about discovering the unsettling "In Memory Of" photos that have surfaced before you've even kicked the bucket? This, I am sure, will be that awkward moment Sponge Bob voice, Tom Kenny, will experience once he realizes he's been assassinated by Twitter.

Marking the third major celebrity death to hit Twitter in just this week, as well as the dozen other reported this month, Twitter, it seems, is a danger to anyone who steps near it with any studio experience under their belts.

The hoax began sometime late on Sunday afternoon and has continued on through this evening with somber fans expressing words of mourning for the loss of this dearly beloved and iconic voice of the 21st century. The saddest part of all, however, is that they are all completely unfounded. Here's just a few of the tweets that have been devoted to the dearly departed but not dead Tom Kenny.

‏@MztrGaga OMG Tom Kenny (The voice who plays Spongebob) died today from Cancer!! :'( It's so sad to hear that!

@AnnieSulli If Tom Kenny is dead, I may as well be dead too.

‏@Deannnnnaaa RIP Tom Kenny, spongebob wont be the same without you

@jryannnn15 R.I.P Tom Kenny thankyou for an amazing childhood of tv

@Duniya2Jannah :'( Tom Kenny died, the Voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.. no more New spongebob :(

Kenny, however, is no stranger to the Twitter Death Hoax. About this same time 2 years ago, Tom Kenny was reported dead for the first time via the social media sharing site, Twitter, producing a similar effect. After the fact, someone even created this little video clip to question, why someone would want to kill of such a likable guy.

What I have found particularly intriguing about this Twitter hoax however, is the number of "In memory of" or tribute photos that have surfaced with this hoax.

Check out a few of them below.

Photo: Twitter

Tom Kenny Dead Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

These photos have been retweeted at a break-neck pace, with the first one receiving nearly 6,000 retweets - and it's still being retweeted.

I'm not sure about you, but it's all a bit unsettling. I can't imagine what I would be thinking if I saw these photos with my face superimposed instead.

Apparently, once folks started to realize they had been played, those who participated in the RIP photo retweeting had a thing or two to say.

In the words of @jakesemanco , "Tom kenny did not die and whoever retweets that picture I will find you and kill you/"

Or as @PeterLuongo1, put it, "Well turns out Spongebob aint dead some retard said that TomKenny was dead."

Meanwhile ‏@DonnieDont86 adds, "I RT that shit and he ain't dead? Who ever said that Tom Kenny is dead is wrong. Everyone loves spongebob!"

So for now,Sponge Bob lives on, but do a favor for the friends and family of Tom Kenny and get onto Twitter and begin dispelling this ridiculous rumor. If we don't stop these things soon, none of us will know any more if we are dead or actually alive.

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