More than a year remains before Tom Clancy's The Division will return gamers to the universe established in Tom Clancy's ever-growing collection of books and video games , but a trio of updates from Massive Entertainment have unearthed loads of new information about the game ahead of the Tom Clancy's The Division release date.

Last week, Ubisoft delighted thousands of gamers around the globe when the publisher confirmed that Tom Clancy's The Division will launch on the PC alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when the game debuts sometime next year. The news follows hundreds of thousands of gamers' decision to sign a petition asking Ubisoft to release a PC version of the game, despite the publisher's initial plan to make Tom Clancy's The Division a console-only title.

The Tom Clancy's The Division dev team also published an update on the second-screen functionality that will be available to mobile/tablet users when The Division launches, along with details on how the team plans to give a sense of progression to a game that doesn't feature traditional RPG classes. It seems the Tom Clancy's The Division dev team is dead-set on making the game's second-screen experience a positive one, confirming that your tablet-controller drone will have its own progression path, and in-game upgrades which can be found and equipped to further increase your effectiveness while aiding allies from a mobile device.

The latest Q&A with the Tom Clancy's The Division dev team unearthed a few new details about the game's central narrative too, including a bit more on the previously vague goal we know to be at the heart of Tom Clancy's The Division's plot. While it was already confirmed that players would be looking to restore the city of New York, given that we know so little about what left the city in such disrepair in the first place, it wasn't particularly clear what "restoring the city" would entail. Now, we know that Tom Clancy's The Division will task players with getting the city fully operational, which means restarting the NYC's electric, water, and sewage systems. Along the way, you'll also help restore order to lawless portions of the city, and apparently even get to explore a bit of the world outside of Manhattan.

From the sounds of things, player-versus-player combat will be an unavoidable part of the game's storyline -- a fact which is likely to turn off at least a few MMO fans who were keeping an eye on development of The Division since it was revealed at E3 2013 back in June. The Division's dev team still isn't talking specifics just yet, so it's unclear just how often you'll be forced to fight your fellow players to advance the game or if losing PvP battles might simply advance the narrative in a different manner.

The team also had one last bit of positive information to share, specifically, that the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of The Division are all being built from the ground up, ditching the increasingly common formula of developing for one/both consoles and then shipping a half-hearted PC port. Of course, The Division dev team says this also presents one of the biggest challenges of the dev cycle, as the team races to complete what essentially become three unique games (when it comes to time spent working) in the time most studios would spend making a single title. Finishing the project on time shouldn't be an issue, though, as Massive Entertainment will apparently be able to enlist the help of other Ubisoft studios to ensure The Division release date isn't pushed any farther back than late 2014.

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Are you looking forward to the Tom Clancy's The Division launch as much as we are? Thrilled to hear that you'll be able to play Tom Clancy's The Division on your PC? Planning to wait until Ubisoft releases Tom Clancy's The Division before buying a next-gen console?

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