Titanfall is (almost) here! It's the game that the industry has been sporting a shorts tent over ever since it swept the official E3 awards last year and gave microsoft a lone bright spot in a summer full of #dealwithit anti-DRM drama. Will it be the savior for the xbox One, which is now lagging behind the PS4 in sales?


Let the suits in the corporate boardrooms decide whether or not the Titanfall midnight releases will affect the balance sheets and bring the Xbox One into a more competitive dead heat with the PS4. For Xbox One owners the only thing that matters is that this magnificent game is nearly upon us and the number one question among many gamers minds is: how do I get this game as quickly as humanly possible?

The answer, of course, lies in the stroke of midnight. There are a number of Titanfall midnight release events happening across the U.S. so here's where you can go tonight to get your very own copy of the game that CNET editors admitted to playing for six days straight.

Titanfall Midnight Release - Gamestop

Yhe largest games retailer in the U.S. is no stranger to the midnight release. Gamestop is where most of us go to buy our games because it's usually the only games-only retailer around. Check the Gamestop site to make sure your local store is having a Titanfall midnight release event. i'd recommend going a step further and calling the store to find out if they're having it and what their procedure is. Some stores do a first-come, first-serve line while others distribute tickets all day long for fans who come in and finalize their purchase. There's also a few other rules. Here's the official Titanfall midnight release Gamestop rules:

Our stores will remain open until 12:30am in most locations, but check with your local store for opening and closing times. These titles will be available for pick-up at 12:01am on 3/11.

We encourage you to come in early to get your transaction finalized. Our stores will start processing customers' transactions for these releases beginning at 10pm local time on Monday, 3/10. You will need to check in at a register first to receive your finalized purchase receipt.

Finalizing the transaction is where we take your deposit, partial or full, and create a sale receipt. Getting processed early will guarantee your spot in line and get you the game faster when we start handing the game out at Midnight.

You don't have to arrive at 10pm to get your transaction finalized. You can show up anytime between 10pm and midnight. However, by coming early, you can get your trade-ins and transaction processed sooner.

Want to learn more? Call this hotline number for more details: 1-888-490-7664.

Titanfall Midnight Release - Best Buy

When it comes to the Titanfall midnight release Gamestop isn't the only game in town. there is also a Titanfall midnight release planned for 300-plus Best Buy stores at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, March 11. In my personal experience i've found Best Buy to be far less reliable than Gamestop for midnight events, so you should go to Best Buy's official Titanfall page and check the "March 11 Midnight Store Openings" link. It lists the addresses and phone numbers of Best Buy locations in your area that are having titanfall midnight release events so it'll be easy to double-check with a phone call to learn their procedures. find out when the doors actually open and if there will be separate lines for people who need to process transactions.

Titanfall Midnight Release - Microsoft Store

Microsoft doesn't have as many brick-and-mortar locations as the retail powerhouses Gamestop and Best Buy, but that shouldn't discourage you from going to one if it happens to be the closest store for you. In fact, it might even be a good idea to see if there's one nearby because odds are it'll be far less crowded than the Titanfall midnight releases at Gamestop and Best Buy. the list of Microsoft Stores is available online so it could be worth your while to see if one near you is hosting an event. According to the Seattle Times, many Microsoft Stores are celebrating the Titanfall midnight launch with free food and t-shirt giveaways.

There you have it intrepid titan pilots. These three retailers are all having confirmed midnight events, but if you pre-ordered at a Wal-Mart or Target then you should call the store and see what the gameplan is. For all the hype surrounding Titanfall it may be a lackluster retail event. Without the 360 version launching alongside it, and PC users getting access to digital downloads, the titanfall midnight release for xbox One won't have record-setting numbers. This means not every retailer will deem it midnight-release worthy. Do your homework, though, and you should have no problems getting your hands on a copy of Titanfall later today.