The "Thor: The Dark World" premiere is getting closer and closer, and I have to say, it's really looking rather promising. That's not just because Chris Hemsworth looks great in a cape, although he does. It's for a whole slew of reasons: the cast, the director, the overall track record of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the capes.

The Thor 2 premiere, also known as the Thor: The Dark World premiere, is set for November 8, which is slightly farther off than we'd like, especially considering how terrible this fall is for flicks. But hey, I guess Marvel needs to make money somehow, and November is a much bigger moviegoing month than September for reasons that will always elude me. But that's all fiddle-faddle. Here's the latest trailer:

The Thor 2 premiere date, like "Iron Man 3" before it, takes us back to a world where the events of The Avengers very much happened, but are somewhat divorced from present proceedings. The plot will make a reference or two to the full ensemble, but that's probably about it. Otherwise, Thor will be all on his own. Or, at least, without the help of the other Avengers. Whatever, he's a god. He'll get by.

Besides, the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere will finally bring us back Natalie Portman, who was rather irksomely absent from "The Avengers" for reasons that were clearly entirely financial. She's a much bigger star than Hemsworth, after all. In this new adventure, Portman gets transported to Asgard, instead of vice-versa. Hijinks ensue! Tom Hiddleston is also back as Loki, who's at rock bottom after getting smacked in "Thor" and smacked again in "The Avengers." The trailer suggests (well.. states) that Loki is going to actually team up with Thor this time, which should be... interesting to behold. Stellan Skarsgard and Idris Elba are back too, along with a bunch of new people you've never heard of. Of whom you've never heard.

The actual plot we'll get to (hopefully) enjoy when the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere date rolls around pits Thor, Loki, and the humans against the Dark Elves, led by Malekith the Accursed, who based on his name doesn't win too many popularity contests. The race of the Dark Elves are, somehow or other, older than the universe, and they aren't too keen on their younger brother (the universe) getting all the attention. So they want to make it all dark. And stuff. Thor doesn't want that, and so we get another classic Marvel shootin' war.

Honestly, the plot of "Thor: The Dark World" sounds a little silly, but so did the first one, which ultimately was pretty good. This time around, though, we have a director more suited to sophisticated fantasy fare (sorry, Kenneth - stick to Shakespeare). That's Alan Taylor. If you don't know him, it's because this is his first feature. If you do know him, it's because you watch a lot of "Game of Thrones," of which he has directed many of the episodes, most notably "Baelor" (in which Ned Stark receives his sentence from Joffrey Baratheon). That's pretty solid stuff, there. It promises a really good shot that "Thor: The Dark World" will be a step up from the rest of the mid-tier Marvel movies. Let's hope that turns out true.

"Thor: The Dark World" opens on November 8.