After years of waiting, console owners anxiously awaiting their chance to explore the 2D depths of "Terraria" will finally get their chance, and it sounds like developer 505 Games finally has a concrete "Terraria" release date in mind.

Many gamers have anxiously awaited any word on the console release of "Terraria" with much the same anticipation that "Minecraft" players await major updates for the game and/or their favorite mods. In fact, some are even wondering if "Terraria" couldn't become the next "Minecraft" when it hits consoles later this year. So you can imagine how frustrating it's been for those gamers to wait on the official "Terraria" release date without any real word on a launch from the developers.

The last time 505 Games publicly discussed a potential release date for the "Terraria" port, all the devs would say is that they were hoping for a late February or early March release. Fortunately, it sounds like they managed to hit that window because a studio rep just told Joystiq that 505 Games is now eyeing a March 2013 launch for "Terraria" on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Console owners apparently won't be the only ones receiving a little love from "Terraria" creator Andrew Spinks though, with the Re-Logic co-founder teasing a new update for the existing PC edition of the game. It's been more than a year since the last "Terraria" update was released, a fact which sent many gamers in to a frenzy upon hearing that the console port of "Terraria" would include quite a bit of new content.

Last month, Spinks surprised fans across the globe with a sudden request for fan comments on what they'd like to see in a theoretical 11th update for "Terraria." As you can imagine, thousands of gamers were more than willing to offer their thoughts, and the forum thread quickly grew. Unfortunately, nothing else has been revealed by Spinks at this time, and Re-Logic hasn't announced any new content for the PC version of "Terraria" at this time. Still, there does appear to be some hope left.

The 505 Games port of Terraria for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is expected to hit Xbox Live and PSN sometime during early March 2013. There's still no word on price at this time, though we suspect "Terraria" will launch in the $10 to $15 (800 to 1200 Microsoft Points) price range. The original Re-Logic build of Terraria for the PC remains available from Steam for $9.99.

Check out the latest trailer for 505 Games' port of "Terraria" for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.