Temple Run 2 was released for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices late last night. Quickly, the sequel to the popular app, Temple Run, flew through the charts, and is currently number 13 (ahead of Snapchat!). But, interestingly, the app hasn't been released for Android devices ... yet. When can Android users expect to see Temple Run 2 in the Google Play store?

Well, Android users are used to waiting for popular games and apps, due to Android fragmentation. When developers are preparing to unveil an app in the Google Play store, they need to be able to have the program run on multiple size screens and devices, manufactured by companies like HTC, Samsung and more. The original Temple Run took awhile to be released on Android devices. Temple Run came out when the app already had 40 million plus download in the Apple App Store. But, luckily, Android users won't have to wait as long this time.

Temple Run 2 is expected to be released next week for Android devices, on January 24, 2013. In an interview with Polygon, Imangi (the developer company behind Temple Run), co-founder Keith Sheperd spoke about the impending Android version.

Shepherd cautioned that the date isn't quite finalized.

"With these things, you never know," he said, "but that's the plan at this point."

Similarly, the app is expected to be released on the Amazon Appstore at the same time as well. The delay is definitely better than what Microsoft Windows Phone users have been suffering through. Back on October 29, Microsoft announced that they planned that the original Temple Run would be on Windows Phone devices, but it still hasn't shown up in their app store, more than two months later.

Temple Run 2 is fantastic and features a brand new setting. (It looks like its floating in the sky, instead of the jungle from Temple Run) It also has underground railroad tracks with mining carts and brand new power-up, special powers and more.

Here is the official synopsis of Temple Run 2, from the Apple App Store.

"Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!"


★ Beautiful new graphics

★ Gorgeous new organic environments

★ New obstacles

★ More powerups

★ More achievements

★ Special powers for each character

★ Bigger monkey!!!

You can download Temple Run 2 for iOS here.