Maci Bookout received a pre-end of the world proposal yesterday...on Twitter! Bookout, who has appeared on MTV's hit show "Teen Mom," woke up Thursday morning to find that her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, had proposed to her via the social media network. While a nice gesture, it was definitely a surprise since the two broke up shortly after the birth of baby Bentley.

The exchange between Bookout and Edwards went like this:

@MaciBookoutMTV marry me!

@RyanCEdwards ur shit got hacked BRO! outta ur mind haha

@MaciBookoutMTV I would never let happen

@RyanCEdewards idk wat that means

@MaciBookoutMTV its means that I want to get on one knee an tell you how much I love you

@RyanCEdwards Twitter is not the place. Ima kill u

@MaciBookoutMTV get in the back

Edwards later tweeted, "Never give up on what you believe is matter what gets in the way!" His post was retweeted by Bookout.

While the MTV duo have not said anything else about the proposal, we're not 100% sure it was for real. On Friday morning Ryan Edwards posted:

"I am not afraid of dying I'm afraid of not living!"

Did fear over the reported apocalypse on December 21, 2012 lead Ryan Edwards to propose to Bentley's mom? Or are the two really rekindling their romance? Both Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards are currently single. Us magazine reports that Bookout split from Kyle King this past September, and Edwards confirmed his break up with beau Dalis Connell on Twitter just last week.

Only time will tell if the "Teen Mom" stars reunite for their son Bentley.

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