Did a teenage boy really kill his brother over Flappy Bird? A recent article posted to Huzlers.com alleges that a Chicago teen was arrested this weekend for killing his own brother over a high score in the insanely popular iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird. Although the game is known for the humorous level of frustration it incites in its players, the story of a brother's murder over a Flappy Bird high score is not true. Nope, it's just another Internet hoax spurred by the parody news website, Huzlers.com.

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teen boy kills brother over flappy bird score really real true hoax false chicago murder huzlers Did a teen boy really kill his brother over a Flappy Bird high score? Nah, it's just Huzlers latest parody hoax.(Photo: Facebook)

Huzlers, who's Facebook mantra is "because you like being lied to" has been responsible for a number of recently viral social media hoaxes such as the death of WorldStarHipHop sensation Sharkeisha, and the fake story about 50 Cent being shot 9 times again and surviving. Here is an excerpt from the site's latest Flappy Bird killing hoax:

"A Chicago Teenager arrested for killing his own brother after his brother achieved a higher score on popular game "Flappy Bird". Reports say the teen was jealous of his brother and couldn't take the anger. Gary Wright, 16 years old, was playing "Flappy Bird" with his Brother, Jabari Wright, 17 years old, when Jabari reached a score of 17 in the game. Things quickly got out of hand when Jabari kept teasing Gary about his high score, which was 6."

The "report" goes on to explain how the teen lost his temper, and began stabbing his brother to death. The brother was allegedly stabbed 17 times in the chest, symbolic of the boy's Flappy Birds high score. The Chicago teen then reportedly turned himself into the police.

"Anyone who has played that game would know why I did it," the teen was quoted saying.

teen boy kills brother over flappy bird score really real true hoax false chicago murder huzlers Huzlers is a parody new site responsible for the latest viral social media hoax about a teen killing his brother over Flappy Bird (Photo: Huzlers screenshot)

Thankfully, nothing about this Flappy Bird killing story is true, but there are many humorous parts of the parody story, including the made-up response from police.

"It's a tragedy, he murdered his own brother because of a stupid game, I mean, I've played the game before, and it's hard as sh*t, f*ck that game! I couldn't even pass 5, Why the f*ck are you a bird if you can't f*cking fly straight, fake a*s Super Mario piece of sh*t!"

WATCH: Flappy Bird Gameplay

While the Flappy Bird fake killing story is a funny one, unfortunately there are many on the web how don't realize this is just a hoax. Already on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Huzlers' Flappy Bird story is being shared widely with horrified notes of grief and disbelief attached. As with any "news" story found on the Internet, it's always a good idea to do a quick Google search for other stories from reliable news sources to corroborate the reports. If you search for the "brother killed over Flappy Bird score" story right now, Huzlers will be the only site you'll find reporting it. This is the number one indicator the story is completely false.

If you find anyone on your Twitter or Facebook timeline, mournfully sharing the news of a teen killing his brother over Flappy Bird, then perhaps direct them to this article so they can get their facts straight.