"Teairra Mari Wardrobe Malfunction!" is what some of the kinder headlines concerning the subject matter will read as Mari, one of the undisputed stars of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop," a reality show following the lives of six vivacious, drama-prone women in the hip hop music industry, was accidentally caught on camera slipping up and out of her dress at one of her most recent concerts. Teairra Mari's embarrassing moment was captured in one very telling, very up-close-and-personal, and very NSFW photograph which you can see for yourself over at Media Takeout. The wardrobe malfunction accident and its subsequent trending on various media outlets, as well as its already lengthy discussion on Twitter, will no doubt serve as an unwelcome belated twenty-fifth birthday present to Mari, who celebrated the anniversary of her birth just four days ago. However, on the upside, if the story gets big enough, it could propel genuine viewer interest in her character through into the next season of Love and Hip Hop.

Teairra Mari's wardrobe malfunction and the subsequent leaking and distribution of its photos isn't the first time the reality TV show star and Def Jam radio hopeful has been acquainted with controversy. Though she was signed to a major label at the astonishingly young age of sixteen, the triple-threat saw the release of her self-titled debut, Teairra Mari, yield disappointing sales that prompted the label to drop her just as she was knee-deep in production for Second Round, her would-be second album with the major label. But 2008 marked the beginning of real momentum for Teairra Mari, seeing a return to the music scene with singles like Hunt 4 U. Though, much like the NSFW photo from her recent concert, that too also leaked, she still successfully re-recorded her next attempt at a sophomore album, this time titled At That Point. She went on to star in the film Lottery Ticket along with other rapper-actors like Ice Cube and Bow Wow. Her mixtapes continue to draw respectable underground acclaim, and her EP, Sincerely Yours, drew considerable attention. One year after its release, she would appear in an auxiliary role on Love and Hip Hop. Perhaps this leaked naked pic will bump her up to main character status.

Though Teairra Mari's wardrobe malfunction is certainly ground for pause, it isn't the first time a Love and Hip Hop star has gotten caught up in naked photo controversy. Back in June of this year, Media Takeout reported that Tamar Braxton was suing drama magnet K Michelle for slander because she allegedly called him a muppet. In response to his claim, K Michelle posted a naked picture of herself, presumably to show the world that she has nothing to hide. We're wondering if Teairra Mari will do something similar to "own" the story, so to speak, making it one not of celebrity vulnerability but one of female invulnerability.

Here are some Twitter reactions to the Teairra Mari wardrobe malfunction story from people who've seen the photo with their own two eyes: