Taylor Swift Taylor Swift tweeted a message yesterday that was sure to have Harry Styles shivering in his boots. Reuters

Though few star-struck little ladies who stare at photos of One Direction's Harry Styles before saying their prayers and flitting off into dreamland would like to admit it, it appears that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating and that it may be getting a bit serious. How do we know? Well despite the fact some tabloids are saying Taylor has been talking about babies, which could break up what she has going with Harry Styles, still we see a lot of signs the relationship is going well--including a very romantic Christmas present, in the form of a doorstep serenade, Harry sent Taylor this week. Here's a quick round-up of signs we've seen that no, its not over with Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. They are not only dating but it may be getting serious.

So the story began a little over a month ago when Mario Lopez outed the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles after seeing them getting a little cozy backstage of their X Factor performance.

Here's what Lopez had to say about the two on his nightly radio show after the pair's performance:

"During rehearsals, Harry from One Direction came and slapped me on the back, and said, 'Hey Mario, how ya doing?' And I said, 'What are you doing here?' And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor...[They're] officially hanging out, I can say that much."

In addition to giving adoring fans of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles this insider scoop, Lopez also let us know that the two were walking around " hand in hand.", while other onlookers told the Daily Mail the pair were "joking and laughing a lot"

Not sure about you but those things definitely seem to confirm that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are in the beginning of a budding romantic relationship.


Well, soon after, we began seeing the young possible love birds together all over the place as the two were reported to have spent Taylor Swift's birthday together where Harry Styles impressed the young singer with 23 cupcakes lovely assorted cupcakes for Taylor Swift's 23rd birthday. After the fact, Harry graciously gave Taylor a full tour of the area he knew and grew up around-the English countryside in which they made visit to a local golf course, the George & Dragon Pub in Great Budworth and several other fun locations. Of course anybody can give you cupcakes on your birthday and take you out for dinner and a tour, but to me this sound like just another sign that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are dating and could be getting serious

So, as if the little birthday pub party with cupcakes to brighten the day was not fun enough, it seems Harry decided to get in a bit more quality time with his new gal Taylor, flying in to Los Angeles soon after with Taylor Swift in his company. The two then paid a visit to the Shamrock Tattoo Parlor, where Harry Styles added some new ink to his arsenal-a giant pirate ship.


Of course we know from Taylor Swift herself, she has a bit of a penchant for the bad boy type and as a result often doesn't know how to hold a relationship together. Just a couple weeks ago Taylor Swift gave us the scoop on her past relationships in a December issue of Cosmopolitan UK where she had this to say about long term relationships:

"How to make them last...I've never had a really long relationship, so I have no idea what that's like. Wish me luck in the future!"

Not sure about you but it sounds to me like Taylor is hoping what she and Harry Styles has could be more than just dating, perhaps even something serious.

Still, at that point no one was really quite sure what to think as the two didn't really come out with the news that they were dating themselves.

When questioned about his possible relationship with Taylor Swift on the Red Carpet not too long ago, "One Direction" singer Harry Styles casually confirmed the fact they were together...sort of.

Cambio was the first to post a video of Styles on the red carpet when the question about his relationship with Swift arose.

"You've been spending a little time with Taylor? How's that going?" someone asked Styles.

"It's good, thank you," Styles replied

Moments later those questions were followed up with more pointed ones, looking for confirmation that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were indeed dating.

"Maybe...yeah," was all Harry, lead singer for One Direction would give us, though since he is a guy, I think we could say suspicions confirmed--they are dating!

This past weekend however, all of social media seemed to be in an uproar as the two were reportedly seen together, taking a pre-Christmas ski trip together were onlookers claimed Taylor Swift looked very happy and in love with One Direction's Harry Styles while out to dinner with another pair of celebrity lovebirds, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Selena and Justin we know had broken up but recently appear to have gotten back together. Perhaps Taylor will be taking a few notes from them on how to moving a dating relationship with Harry Styles to something more serious.

Though Harry and Taylor both decided to return to their respective homes for the holidays to be with their families, still it seem Taylor Swift was never far from Harry's mind as Styles is reportedly sent his blond beauty a singing telegram at her home.

According to The Sun, Harry hired a singer to perform his band One Direction's hit song "What Makes You Beautiful"-but with a bit of a twist- a country and western one that is. How appropriately funny as Taylor's genre we know to be in the country realm.

According to an inside source, Styles planned to gift specifically with his new girlfriend in mind

"She has a great sense of humor." The source said. "He knew she'd think it was hilarious."

In addition to sending the doorstep parody of One Direction's hit song, the two also reportedly spent some quality time Skyping together as they opened their gifts.

"Harry and Taylor can't get enough of each other. Any moment they can spend together, they do," the source said.

I'm not sure about you but whatever the two might to be saying, one thing is clear: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are dating, and it appears to be getting serious.

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