Super Luigi U release date, huh? Is that what you want to know about? The boxed Luigi U release date is nearly here, coming up at a hearty August 25 in the US. The digital Luigi U release date was back in July, but that neither had a cool green box nor was it certified Mario-free. Well, the August release has both. And Ninty is promoting its final major Year of Luigi release date... pretty well, actually.

In case you forgot in your haste to be reminded about the boxed Super Luigi U release date (Latin: Über Ludovicus U), the boxed version has three special features. First, it comes in a cool green box. Second, it does not require Super Mario Bros. U (Latin: Über Marius Hermanos V) to play. Third, it costs ten dollars more. Wait, that last one doesn't count as a feature? Whatever, y'all haters! By contrastison, the $20 digital download has no bonus features except that discount and its earlier release date and the ability to play it while you have some other disc in your Wii U. Small potatoes.

Wait, you actually care about the content that will début on the Super Luigi U release date? You don't just buy every Nintendo game that comes out? Such squares! Anyway, the game has the same number of levels as SMBU. But they're waaaaaay harder. They're also shorter and don't have checkpoints, so it evens out. But it's like Lost Levels hard. This is no back half of Super Mario 3D Land, challenging but doable. It's a genuine test of skill for Mario masters. Luigi Mario masters, that is.

Nintendo has, for once in their consarned lives, actually been promoting a game. Earlier this week, Nintendo débuted a wrap-around on a Chicago El train (because L is for Luigi... And Ludovicus). Luigi Mario also commandeered the Ninty of Amca Twitter account for his in-person visit to Chicago. He rode the train, ate Chicago "pizza" and did other Chicago activities (embezzling???). All to build awareness for the box Super Luigi U release date.


It's telling that Nintendo did none of these things for the digital Super Luigi U release date. That's because the Mariomen don't really get DLC... Yet. In many ways the Luigi U DLC is their first really major content DLC. That's why they've hedged their bets with a boxed release. And it's why they're promoting it more than the digital release. It's not because green boxes have higher margins (they're probably about the same) or because the Wii U is in worse straits now (they're probably about the same). It's because Nintendo is on firm ground with physical releases. They know how to market them - well enough, at least. They're doing their best.

But hey, maybe that's good enough for the green boxed Super Luigi Urelease date. The more people know about it, the better. Because it's a great content addition. I would say it's not for the meek. But, after all, it stars Luigi.