Now that the 700,000-plus gamers who purchased State of Decay have had about a month to enjoy Undead Labs' new zombie survival title, Undead Labs is finally ready to start revealing new information about the State of Decay PC port and title updates expected to arrive later this year.

On Tuesday, Undead Labs' Brian Fitzgerald and Jeff Strain joined the weekly Microsoft Studios live stream to discuss State of Decay DLC, the cancelation of co-op, State of Decay Title Update 03, the State of Decay PC port and loads more. Even better, much of the information came directly from the mouth of Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain, theoretically eliminating any chance of the studio backtracking on the promises made during Tuesday's broadcast.

PC gamers will be thrilled to hear that Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios are currently planning to release State of Decay via Steam's Early Access program, and the State of Decay dev team feels confident they'll have the game on players' hard drives before the end of 2013. Strain also confirmed that the State of Decay PC port will be mod-friendly, though Undead Labs has no plans to release a State of Decay API or official mod tools of any kind.

The Undead Labs duo also told viewers that the State of Decay PC port will maintain feature parity with the Xbox 360 version of the game, though we can't imagine the modding community allowing major gaps in the State of Decay feature list (like cooperative multiplayer) to remain in place. Acknowledging that modern computers are also potentially much more powerful than the Xbox 360 hardware,

Strain even confirmed that Undead Labs will include the advanced graphical options that many users are used to finding in PC games. Though the game will still run on CryEngine 3, Strain says the game will undoubtedly look better on high-end gaming PCs. He stopped short of elaborating on what visual improvements might be most noticeable on/after State of Decay's Steam release date.

Of course, the pair also discussed quite a bit more during the hour-long Microsoft Studios live stream, and even revealed what the team believes to be the biggest game play change coming with State of Decay Title Update 3 later this year. While Undead Labs has already broken hearts around the globe in recent weeks, by confirming that they've been forced to completely abandon any/all plans to patch cooperative multiplayer into State of Decay, Strain did promise that the next free State of Decay title update would grant players the ability to bring an NPC companion along backup on missions.

Outposts will apparently receive a few more touch-ups, and Strain says that the team is hoping to address many (if not all) of the most common mission-progression bugs, along with some lingering zombie-pathing issues that Undead Labs wanted to address in State of Decay Title Update 3. Fitzgerald A more complete list of changes will apparently hit the web before the week is out too.

If you missed the entire broadcast, we've embedded the entire 60 minute video below for your convenience, complete with all of the information first revealed by Jeff Strain and Brian Fitzgerald on Tuesday afternoon.

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Are you one of the thousands of gamers that have been anxiously awaiting any new word on the State of Decay Steam release date? Disappointed that the game is going to debut on Steam Early Access, instead of in its finalized form? Planning to buy the State of Decay PC port, despite the fact you already own the game on Xbox 360, to reap the visual benefits?

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