Undead Labs is still being pretty secretive about State of Decay: Lifeline, the upcoming second expansion for the studio's critically acclaimed zombie-survival game, but new tweets from Undead Labs' Twitter account offer a few hints of what we can expect on the State of Decay: Lifeline release date.

It's been exactly two weeks since Undead Labs formally announced State of Decay: Lifeline, after weeks of teases on both the studio's Twitter account and official website, but we've learned surprisingly little about the upcoming expansion since it was first confirmed on February 12. Outside of confirming Lifeline would include a new map for players to explore, Undead Labs has revealed surprisingly few details about the upcoming add-on, and what little the studio has said hasn't exactly been headline-worthy.

Since offering up a name for the expansion, Undead Labs community manager Sanya Weathers has gone on to confirm that players can expect new firearms to join the long list of weaponry already included in State of Decay, and that something about Lifeline (presumably, the map) will likely force players to adjust their usual methods for dealing with the undead.

There won't be any new vehicles in State of Decay: Lifeline, though, or the oft-requested bow and arrow that many of us were shocked not to find in what is otherwise one of the most complete zombie-survival games ever released. No new zombie types either; however, I suspect most would agree that Undead Labs did a pretty good job of covering their bases in the base State of Decay release. I'd say the most disappointing news though, was confirmation that players still won't be able to mix and match the content from vanilla State of Decay and the game's post-launch expansions. That means no Sandbox Mode with the new map from Lifeline, no State of Decay campaign with Hero characters, and a divided roster of special survivors when playing either Breakdown or Lifeline.

In more positive news, despite initially closing the door on any more State of Decay ports, Weathers also revealed new internal conversations are taking place as Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios try to decide what to do about fans' calls for an Xbox One version of the game. It's far from confirmation of an Xbox One release, but it's certainly interesting to hear the two companies are once again weighing the possibility of another State of Decay port while Undead Labs begins work on a follow-up to the game.

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What are you hoping to see included in the State of Decay: Lifeline DLC when it launches later this year? Holding out hope for a State of Decay port on Xbox One? Disappointed that Undead Labs won't allow you to mix and match content from State o, Breakdown and Lifeline?

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