State of Decay hasn't been on the market for a full month yet, having launched via Xbox Live back on June 5, but Undead Labs' record breaking zombie-survival game already has thousands of Xbox 360 owners wondering when they'll be able to get their hands on the first official State of Decay DLC pack.

Fortunately, Polygon reporter Alexa Ray Corriea sat down with Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain to talk about anything/everything related to State of Decay, including Undead Labs' plans for the first round of State of Decay DLC and the massively multiplayer zombie-survival game rumored to be in development at the studio.

According to Strain, the decision to develop and release a pure survival/sandbox mode thanks to game play data the State of Decay dev team received from Microsoft Studios. Apparently, a surprisingly large number of State of Decay players begin a second play through of the game immediately after completing their first run, and the dev team thinks they know why. After doing a bit of research, the State of Decay team realized that many players simply wanted back into the game world to keep experimenting with the game's survival mechanics.

The good news is that the team always wanted to implement such a game play mode (along with multiplayer co-op), but had to scrap those plans roughly twelve months before State of Decay was released. While multiplayer still isn't a guarantee, Undead Labs is putting the finishing touches on State of Decay's sandbox mode, and Strain also revealed the final decision about the State of Decay DLC's price tag will come from Microsoft Studios.

Unfortunately, it seems as if reports of development work on Class4 may have been greatly exaggerated too. Strain confirmed that the studio remains interested in releasing their planned massively multiplayer game, but Class4 apparently hasn't advanced beyond the idea stage at this time, thanks to continuing discussions over the technology and game mechanics to be used for such a project.

Departing from State of Decay news (sort of), Strain also revealed the inspiration behind the Undead Labs name, explaining that the team behind State of Decay wanted to distinguish themselves and their zombie-survival project from an increasingly crowded market of undead projects that followed the success of franchises like "World War Z" and "The Walking Dead."

"If you're creating a game studio, or really any business, where you don't know what you're going to be doing five, 10, 15 years from have to come up with a name that isn't genre-specific," Strain told Polygon, adding, "I think it's very important to send a message to everyone who's a potential player of your game that you're serious about it, that you get it, that you're not just cashing in on what's popular."

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What would you like to see added to State of Decay with the game's first expansion? Are you completely uninterested in the first batch of State of Decay DLC? Just hoping that Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs can agree on terms for the production of Class4?

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