Few games have enjoyed the sort of breakout success that has met Undead Labs' zombie-survival title State of Decay, selling more than a million copies of the game since it debuted on Xbox Live Arcade back in June, and it looks like the first wave of State of Decay DLC is now just a few weeks away.

The folks at Undead Labs have become big fans of Twitch.tv in the weeks since State of Decay made its Xbox Live debut, taking part in weekly gameplay broadcasts that have been one of the best ways to stay informed on development of new title updates and/or State of Decay DLC. This week's show was no different, delivering the world's first look at State of Decay: Breakdown, the formally-titled State of Decay Sandbox DLC which was first promised back in August.

Dozens of new weapons will debut in State of Decay: Breakdown, the vast majority of which were chosen by fans who stayed active in the State of Decay community before/after the game's Xbox Live debut back in June. A wide variety of new pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and other military ordinance has been added to the game, as have a truly impressive number of melee weapons.

State of Decay: Breakdown will also introduce a new type of NPC: the Hero character. The new batch of heroes will serve a variety of purposes, including giving players a fighting chance at survival during the later stages of the game's upcoming Sandbox mode and increasing the pool of characters that players can choose from when beginning a new campaign. Each new Hero will also come with his/her own special weapon in State of Decay: Breakdown, and will also be able to carry a single bag of resources, just like their standard NPC counterparts.

Surprisingly, the latest State of Decay live stream also brought word that -- except for a brief period between the State of Decay: Breakdown release date and the game's Steam debut this fall/winter -- both the Xbox 360 and PC builds of State of Decay will maintain feature parity in the months and years to come. Fitzgerald says the studio didn't want to show either favoritism towards either platform, and would rather deliver top-quality gameplay to the largest crowd possible.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on exactly when State of Decay: Breakdown will hit Xbox Live, or even a launch price for that matter, making a September debut for the upcoming State of Decay DLC seem rather unlikely. Undead Labs is sticking by one promise, though; re-confirming that the first controller-only build of State of Decay will hit Steam Early Access later this month.

If you've got some spare time (roughly 60 minutes' worth), check out the latest State of Decay live stream, featuring Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain and senior game artist Brant Fitzgerald:

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What do you think of all the new State of Decay: Breakdown content which was revealed Jeff and Brant? Disappointed in what you've seen/heard about the first State of Decay DLC so far? Have an idea for a feature or weapon you'd like to see included in the next State of Decay DLC pack or title update?

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