It may not have arrived as quickly as some fans hoped, but it looks like State of Decay: Breakdown will at least make its end of November deadline, now that Undead Labs' has announced their first State of Decay expansion will be hitting (digital) store shelves on November 29.

Rather than expanding on the story presented in the State of Decay campaign, Undead Labs' first official expansion for their zombie-survival game will give players the opportunity to abandon the game's narrative trappings for a series of progressively more difficult (but largely identical) rural Indiana towns. Rather than completing quests, players will search for all the parts and supplies needed to make the trek from one town to the next, and encountering ever-dwindling supplies of vehicles, weapons and more.

State of Decay: Breakdown New hero characters from State of Decay: Breakdown (PHOTO: Microsoft Studios / Undead Labs)

To help make things seem a bit more doable in the later stage of State of Decay's new Sandbox mode, Undead Labs is also introducing dozens of new hero characters that will help even the odds as both the fast and special zombie counts begin to rise. State of Decay's new line-up of hero characters won't just include familiar faces from the State of Decay campaign either, as evident by the hazard-suited individual present in the State of Decay: Breakdown trailer. Each new character will also have an accompanying task or challenge that must be completed before they're unlocked, which should help add a small bit of direction to Undead Labs' State of Decay: Breakdown content, for anyone who might want/need it.

The upcoming State of Decay DLC will introduce a variety of new weapons and other items, for those who've already seen/used everything that the base game has to offer, including special weapons for each of the new hero characters that will be unlockable in State of Decay: Breakdown. The studio apparently decided against spotlighting any of the new additions to the State of Decay armory, but a handful of the new weapons from State of Decay: Breakdown have appeared in previous Undead Labs' live streams.

If you haven't already, take fifty seconds to check out the State of Decay: Breakdown trailer, or check out early Breakdown footage from Undead Labs' State of Decay live stream:

State of Decay: Breakdown will be available for purchase on both Steam and Xbox Live beginning on Nov. 29, and fans will be happy to know that the first official State of Decay add-on from Undead Labs will only cost $6.99 at launch.

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Have you been waiting for an official State of Decay: Breakdown release date ever since Undead Labs confirmed plans to introduce a "sandbox" mode? Already spent as much time as you want/need with Undead Labs' zombie-survival game? Have an idea for a feature or weapon you'd like to see in an upcoming State of Decay DLC pack?

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