Spotify’s Year in Review 2014 based on more than 7 billion hours (up from 4.5 billion hours last year) of music streamed by nearly 50 million users reveals the music listening habits of people around the world was released today, the Next Web reported. Unsurprisingly, the most streamed artists were Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry but there are some interesting tidbits as well. According to CBS, Sheeran is 2014’s most streamed artist with 860 million plays around the world and his album “x” is also the most listened to album with 430 million streams.

Rounding out the top 5 most streamed male artists are Eminem, Calvin Harris, Avicii and David Guetta. Perry was the most streamed female artist while her song “Dark Horse” is the fourth most streamed track. Perry is followed by Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Beyonce and Lorde in the top five female artists list. Noticeably missing is Taylor Swift, who dramatically pulled all her music from the music streaming service just as her new album “1989” was the only one to go platinum this year.

The most streamed track was Pharrell William’s infectious “Happy”, which had more than 260 million plays, per CBS. Other songs we were digging in this order were “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit (feat. Glynne), “Summer” by Calvin Harris and “All of Me” by John Legend was the fifth most played. But while the world loved “Happy” in the wintertime, we had moved on to “All of Me” by spring, “Rude” by Magic! was all we wanted to listen to in summer and it was “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor” come fall.

You might be more interested to know about the top breakout artists of the year which were Alt-J, Royal Blood, Tove Lo, Future Island and Jungle. But even more interesting to note is the most viral song a.k.a the most shared song was “Take Me To Church” by Hozier”. Hozier said in Spotify’s press release (via CBS), “Thank you so much to my fans for listening to the music and sharing it with people. Spotify was a big part of getting the music across the world as quickly as it did and as a new artist, that’s invaluable.”

Meanwhile, “Shine” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich was Spotify’s most addictive song of 2014. Spotify was able to quantify addictiveness of a song since it introduced a new feature in February that allowed users to put individual songs on repeat and apparently “Shine” was the one song that most users wanted to listen to over and over. Users can also find out their own year in music on Spotify: it turns out that I was really into Banks this year and bizarrely streamed the most music on a Monday with an average of more than six hours.