Spotify has released its 2013 year in review, revealing some interesting stats and the fact that users of the free music streaming service really, really like Macklemore. "Thrift shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is the most streamed song in the last five years with over 150 million streams. In 2013, Macklemore took out the most popular track and album around the world with "Can't hold us" and "The Heist" respectively. Macklemore was also the most popular male act of 2013.

The Spotify 2013 year in review named Rihanna, the most popular female act globally; Imagine Dragons, the most popular band; Lorde, the most viral new artist; and Daft Punk's "Get lucky" was the most viral track with 1.5 million streams in a single day. This year, Spotify users streamed 4.5 billion hours of music and created 1 billion playlists, with one user in the U.S. creating more than 90,000 playlists. The music streaming service now has 24 million active users and 20,000 songs are added every day.

The Spotify 2013 year in review breaks down the top tracks, albums, artists by country and by month. The review also includes interesting tidbits from its most active cities - New York, London, Stockholm, Auckland, Barcelona, Berlin and Singapore. For these cities, you can find out which artist is the most followed, which is the top radio station, get a playlist inspired by that city and a fun fact. Like did you know New York City listens to Jay-Z 88 percent more than the rest of the world, while Londoners prefer Fleetwood Mac 162 percent more than the rest of the world?

While other social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube, have also released 2013 year in reviews, Spotify's is perhaps the most interactive. For instance, it provides the best songs and playlists for moments including Monday, working out, battling a hangover, guilty pleasures, getting over an ex, pre-gaming before a part, driving and one hit wonder. You can also generate your own year in review to find out how many hours you streamed this year and your most played tracks. But it'll probably be more fun explore Spotify's most overlooked songs.

According to Spotify, 20 percent of its songs have never been played, not even once. Spotify's year in review includes a play a random #undiscovered track button to show these forgotten songs some love. BuzzFeed has listed some of the gems that you may discover when delving into this trove of most ignored songs.

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