Sony has just announced a new handset will be joining its Xperia line: the Xperia M release date will be later this year, with the Xperia M single- and dual- SIM versions becoming available globally from the third quarter of this fiscal year, Engadget reported. Like the currently available Xperia L, the Xperia M is aimed at the lower end of the Android market. Accordingly, its features are nothing spectacular but there are some cool one-touch functions. For instance, there is one-touch listening, meaning you can simply tap your phone on Sony's Wireless Speaker to share your music to the speaker or handset. The Xperia M will work with a NFC-enabled Sony Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones.

The Xperia M release date will be sometime from July to September of this year. The Xperia M has a 4-inch Full Wide Video Graphics Array (FWVGA) or 854x480 pixel display screen, meaning the display shows 16 million colors. It features scratch-resistant glass, aluminum button and the casing is available in four colors: black, white, purple and lime. It is powered by dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 SoC (MSM822) as well as 1GB of RAM. The Xperia M only has 4GB of on-board storage but a microSD slot, which can support up to 64GB cards, will give you much more storage capacity.

The Xperia M release date later this year will see the release of the OmniBalance design phone with includes customizable notification lights. The Xperia M has a 5-megapixel rear camera with Exmor RS sensor and LED flash, while the front-facing camera is only for video calls. The camera and video features 4x digital zoom, face detection, geotagging, HD video recording (720p), red-eye reduction, sweep panorama and touch and auto focus.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the smartphone is that one-touch functions, but you don't have to wait to the Xperia M release date to experience them, since they are available on other Xperia line handsets. You can use the one-touch function to share music for your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. You can use tap your smartphone with another person's smartphone to share pictures, tunes, and more. One-touch mirroring with NFC technology allows you to share media from your smartphone to your TV. Just touch your smartphone to your Sony Bravia remote to view photos, play games or watch movies from your smartphone on the big screen.

With the Xperia M release date coming soon, you'll have one more device that is compatible with a whole host of other Sony devices. The Xperia L cost $350 and the price of the Xperia M could be even lower than all its predecessors. Sony has said that the Xperia M will be "a new price point" for the company, Techradar reported. Though the exact price has not been revealed yet, it's expected to be even more affordable.

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