"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 spoilers will have many major questions to answer. The main one's will be: how Jax will react to finding out that Gemma murdered Tara; if Jax will go to prison for Tara's murder after being found by DA Patterson at the crime scene; what will happen to Juice after he has helped Gemma cover up the crime and betrayed Jax; and how SAMCRO will handle the impending war against the Mayans, Chinese and ByzLats. In "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 the show will return for a premiere date sometime in September or October of 2014, if the past serves as any precedent. "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will be the final season of the show, though Kurt Sutter has suggested he might be interested in making a "Sons of Anarchy" prequel, perhaps centered around the early days of John Teller and Clay Morrow.

The major "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 spoilers we must grapple with Jax's reaction to learning that Gemma killed Tara. Jax is a pretty smart guy so it won't take him long to put the pieces together, even if Gemma chooses not to come forward. We wrote in a previous "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 spoilers article that it was likely DA Patterson would charge Jax with the murder despite exonerating evidence like the old congealed blood and lack of gunpowder residue on his hands. As far as DA Patterson can see Jax had motive to kill Tara, he is at the scene of the crime and his fingerprints are on the gun despite it not being fired. The deal she made with Jax for him to turn himself in, in exchange for immunity for Tara and her boys is in tatters. She also has a dead Sheriff Roosevelt on her hands. She will seek to make Jax a scapegoat. The big question is what Gemma will do in "Sons of Anarchy" season 7. The death of Tara is also going to seriously unbalance Jax, Kurt Sutter said, "Obviously, it's a major shift in the mythology. I knew, ultimately, where I wanted to take Jax in the final season I wanted to remove his 'True North,' because I feel like there needs to be this major psychic and emotional shift that has to happen. What direction it will push him in we will see next season. But what happens to a guy like that now that he's lost both of the people he loves the most."

In "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 spoilers if Jax gets arrested then we don't doubt that Gemma will come forward and turn herself in saying that she was the one responsible for Tara's death. Gemma lives for her children and grandchildren. There's nothing that she wouldn't do for her family, after making a mistake like killing Tara there is no way Gemma would let her only son take the blame for that. On the other hand if DA Patterson has her case fall apart, which it might, because there is plenty of exonerating evidence on the part of Jax, then Gemma might hold off telling Jax for awhile until he finds out some other way. Juice is partially responsible for Gemma's crime having helped her cover it up, so he knows about it and from what we've seen of Juice he isn't the most mentally stable after his newest suicide attempt and letting Nero know that Jax ordered him to kill Darmody. Juice doesn't seem inclined to tell Jax anything anymore after Jax told him that he had betrayed him. On the other hand it looks like the homeless girl that Jax knows saw Juice throwing away the evidence that could exonerate Jax. Either way, Jax will find out eventually and if, and when he does then it seems likely that he or someone else will kill Gemma, even if she is his mother.

The "Team Gemma" response online always seems to be overwhelming. Do you think that might shift now, Katey?

SAGAL | I haven't paid a lot of attention... I know that's there; I'm not worried about it. [Laughs] I have had a few moments where I knew everyone would hate Gemma now... But, ultimately, in that moment she's not really thinking anything except her base instinct, which is that she's a violent woman and that is the way she's lived her life for many many years. And I think she has enormous remorse when she realizes the truth of the matter.

SUTTER | I think Team Sadness will win. [Laughs]

In "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 spoilers, regardless of whether Jax faces prison or not, SAMCRO under the leadership of Bobby and Chibs must wrestle with how to handle the impending war against the Mayans, Chinese and ByzLats who have allied against them and August Marks. August Marks has considerable power and can use his control of guns and the Fourty-Niners to win the work, together with the Sons of Anarchy. The Irish Kings may also be roped in to provide support, though their organization isn't what it used to be. Still, it looks like the stage is set for a bloody gang war with racial undertones, Nero has switched sides and brought the ByzLats over to support the Mayans and the Chinese after finding out how Jax has repeatedly lied to him. Given that we know that "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 is the final season, it's possible that we might see this bloody gang war escalate to the point where the "Sons of Anarchy" face destruction. We know that a couple of characters will return next season, including CCH Pounder as DA Patterson and Jimmy Smits as Nero. It should be a given that "Sons of Anarchy" season 7 will end in a pile of bodies, just about every "Sons of Anarchy" season has. The only real question is, whose bodies will it be? Will the Sons of Anarchy form the majority of the corpses or will somehow they manage to get to this crisis and continue the club on its new trajectory, with or without Jax?

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